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United Cup IV

We are proud to present the groups for the United Cup IV. The fourth edition of the cup will consist of eight teams who are split into two groups of four. Precise details of the size, format and schedule of the cup can be found in: United Cup IV Details.

ET United Winners

The United Cup III, ET:U SummerCup '15 and ET:U NationsCup '15 have come to an end. After some exciting finals, we are happy to announce the winners for all tournaments.

United Cup III Play offs

After four weeks the group stage of the United Cup III has come to an end. It is now time to get ready for the playoffs. The play offs will consist of a double elimination system.

ET United NationsCup '15: Grand Final

It is with great pleasure that I announce the first Grand Final of the ET United 6on6 NationsCup '15! Benelux Cup '15 Play offs is happy to announce the next round of the Benelux Cup '15. The top 4 advances to the single elimination play offs.

CGAC - Version 2.0.1 Released!

After several months of waiting, a new version of CyberGamer Anti-Cheat has finally arrived.

United Cup III

We are happy to present United Cup III. The third edition of the cup will be slightly different than the previous two. This will be the first United Cup featuring both a 3on3 and 6on6 format. In both formats, six teams will participate who will be playing in one group. The top 4 of each format will advance to the play offs.

Introducing the New CG ET Admins

Since the recent resignation of Canada embarrassed, United States of America ohurcool, and Poland szczurek, the CG EU ET section has been in need of a new admins to keep the section alive. As of today, that role has been officially filled. Benelux Cup '15 Schedule is happy to announce the schedule for the ET 6on6 Benelux Cup 2015. In this tournament teams from Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg will battle it out for the Title of the Lower Countries!

ET United NationsCup '15: Play offs

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ET United NationsCup 2015