ET Reborn LAN Payments

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Payment deadline: Monday 2nd of March 2015

CF ET: Tournaments

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Crossfire ET Tournament Season 1

2 Continents! 1 Cup... CUP! Announced!

Attention RTCW Community! Yes! Community: As in ONE large but completely messed up group of people still playing this game. We are talking to both sides of RTCW community that is merely separated by a giant pond! More or less half the admin staff that brought you the last RTCW cup (The Reich Strikes Back) is proud to present our next installment of RTCW Action! We have 2 continents still playing this game and only one cup to win… so we bring you: 2 CONTINENTS! 1 CUP! ... CUP!

wiSe wins TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup

Poland wiSe-guys won the TEAM-PHASE eSports Cup yesterday in a very exciting Grand Final versus Finland turbot!

CG EU ET Season 2 Winners

Better late than never, right? I am proud to present the winners of CyberGamer EU Enemy Territory Season 2!

CF ET: Groups

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Crossfire ET Tournament Season 1

CG EU ET Season 2 6on6 Div 1 Grand Final

It's finally time for the 6on6 Division 1 Grand Final of CyberGamer EU ET Season 2! The cup has gone on a bit longer than expected but is about to reach its end. Tune in on Monday at 21:00 CET to watch the game live!

ET Reborn LAN 2015

It's been a while since ET has seen any sort of notable LAN action. The last event being Adroits LAN where One Pound Fish took the win. In order to bring some LAN action back, we've decided to give it another shot and this time with a 6on6 and 3on3 ET offline tournament.

Next RTCW 6's Cup - Options & Ideas!

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CF ET: Reminder & Extra info

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Crossfire ET Tournament Season 1