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In an effort to revive the Articles section here on Crossfire (and maybe inspire others to do the same), I'll be conducting a series of interviews with some known - and not-so-known - ET players, admins, and contributors.

How do you see ET in the near future?

Just as ET reached its 10 years milestone, it went down the hole with a series of unfortunate events.
Let's take a look back at some of the biggest step backs on the competitive scene in Enemy Territory:


My first ever interview! I recently managed to catch up with Aniky, the new ClanBase ET Cup Supervisor, and got him to answer a few questions. Enjoy!

KiH Defeats Cave in Week 3 of the Legacy Cup

Wolfenstein fans got a sneak peak at RTCW Legacy Cup's third week on Sunday as KiH faced Cave ahead of schedule. This match saw fierce competition on Village followed by two rounds on UFO, marking the maps' return to competitive Return to Castle Wolfenstein play.

New Management!

The time has come to do something different with Crossfire, time to recognise that this community may be better served by someone else with the keys to the car. As of today I am glad to announce that the brotherly duo of MerlinatoR & Artstar will become the new supreme commanders of Crossfire as I step into the background.

10 Questions with the man, the myth, Zee LEGEND! - Warwitch!

With the playoffs well into the latter rounds it's only fitting to interview the man behind the curtain and voice of all the action throughout the RTCW Fall Cup, Warwitch!

10 Questions with the lead wolf - ZeD!

The RTCW community requested some more interviews and therefore there was no other member of the community who played a larger role than the man himself ZeD!


10 Badazz Questions with DtS!

Hello everyone. Rampage here from the American RTCW clan Teh Birdz. Recently I had the chance to sit with Badazz- DtS for an interview that gives the community a glimpse of the past, present and future of Badazz and DtS himself. Enjoy!

The Master Race

No this isn't about Hitler.

To move away from THAT master race i thought i would make a bit of a half blog half article about Call of Duty on the PC and the Xbox 360. This all starts with i47, the winter insomnia event held in Telford, where i Pansy was casting CS:GO with Machine..

i47 CS:GO VoDs

For those who missed the chance to catch the CS:GO live at i47 make sure you check out the vods ive compiled below! Hopefully you'll enjoy them, i was pretty tired after day 1 but i think it went well overall. Finals will be on the multiplay site! Anyway Enjoy!
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