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10 Questions with the man, the myth, Zee LEGEND! - Warwitch!

With the playoffs well into the latter rounds it's only fitting to interview the man behind the curtain and voice of all the action throughout the RTCW Fall Cup, Warwitch!

10 Questions with the lead wolf - ZeD!

The RTCW community requested some more interviews and therefore there was no other member of the community who played a larger role than the man himself ZeD!


10 Badazz Questions with DtS!

Hello everyone. Rampage here from the American RTCW clan Teh Birdz. Recently I had the chance to sit with Badazz- DtS for an interview that gives the community a glimpse of the past, present and future of Badazz and DtS himself. Enjoy!

The Master Race

No this isn't about Hitler.

To move away from THAT master race i thought i would make a bit of a half blog half article about Call of Duty on the PC and the Xbox 360. This all starts with i47, the winter insomnia event held in Telford, where i Pansy was casting CS:GO with Machine..

i47 CS:GO VoDs

For those who missed the chance to catch the CS:GO live at i47 make sure you check out the vods ive compiled below! Hopefully you'll enjoy them, i was pretty tired after day 1 but i think it went well overall. Finals will be on the multiplay site! Anyway Enjoy!

Live CSGO i47

Good Morning Crossfire !

Today 2MLT will be doing the coverage of CS:GO at i47. The uk once again has provided its best teams and now they have to battle it out to find out who will wear the crown, with the likes of CRG, FM-eSports & VYE this will be no walk in the park for any of the teams.

ESL Storm Assault Grand Final - MLTv

Its been a long time coming!

At last over at MLTv I have been given the opportunity to try and bring you some ET coverage and what a a game... The ESL Storm Assault Grand Finals. I finally get the chance to get my head around some good old fashioned Enemy Territory.

Blackops2 : 2MLT4u @ YT

So guys with my new project MLT launching its live stream tomorrow with the ESL Opening cup, i thought you should get a preview of what you can expect from our youtube content!

Blackops2 ESL : MLTv

ESL Announce €500 Black Ops 2 Opening Cup

On the 25th of November at 19:00 CET MLTv will be bringing you the first Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 Opening Cup powered by Hauppauge. This will be the FIRST broadcast of a brand new channel created by Tommeh, Mark and Myself (Pansy).

BlackOps2 : Hardpoint

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 : Game Type #1

So off the back of the previous article i got asked more than anything about the game types and what they were offering to a eSports savvy gamer out there.
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