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The first of many

Black Ops 2 : My first thoughts extended...

I thought as i had been waffling on about it so much i should really get you guys some game-play video . I tried to quickly address some of the points that have been highlighted to me while playing this game and my thoughts prior.

First Thoughts Black Ops 2

Those who can do, those who cant…Shoutcast or make blogs.

Black ops 2 has released and become one of the fastest selling pre ordered game of its time. I couldn't help but become one of the many to invest into the latest addition of Call of Duty, some of you may know I played Call of Duty 4 to a rather extensive level and well I thought I would give you the run through of my involvement within this game.

Planetside2 - MMOFPS perfected?

For those of you who have been reading my columns for many years now you'll remember many a harp string plucked for the concept of MMOFPS. All born out of thorough enjoyment from Planetside 1 I've looked to games like Global Agenda as the solution with fleeting success, in fact the closest I've come to similar enjoyment was from Battlefield 3. Now Planetside 2 is nearing release and the dream might just be realised.

BlackOps2 Live In London!


Blackops 2, the game that has everyone keeping one eye on it. I think we have all thrown money away into previous titles produced to similar effect and like a scorned women we are cautious to put trust into another one.

kReSti and his new project!

Some days ago I was browsing Crossfire and while checking the recent journals and forum topics my attention got caught by a post named "Building new ET team" - well, nowadays you do see such posts every day but I was interested because
kReSti made the post and I thought he is still playing for PDEG. Well, to keep it short he is not but he does have a great motivation for his new project and that`s why I had a short chat with him.

RtCW Interview: Crumbs

After crumbs got home from his ET LAN victory in Enschede, I caught up with him to ask some questions about him and his team regarding the upcoming RtCW Fall Cup

The learning curve

Why do the gamers of the "older" titles out there seem to dominate the scenes of any new game? The magic formula below.

State of affairs!

With the Adroits lan finished, ETLive just announced, TZ-AC saved and the next date for a great offline event in Poland scheduled for 2nd and 3rd March next year our beloved [img]http://www.gamestv.org/images/icons/et.

The Survivor Gamez - participants interviewed

Welcome Welcome Welcome, Happy Survivor Gamez and may the odds be ever in your favor.

RtCW Interview: Bully

It was a late friday evening with Bully on ventrilo after playing some RtCW 3on3 games vs KiH, when I decided to interview him. Bully is playing in the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein Fall Cup for
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