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DayZ – The Survivor Gamez

For those who have been under a rock for the last few months a new game has really hit the masses and made a huge impression, Day-Z.

The Old Boys Club

"The Old Boys Club" - A legitimate problem for newer bodies to get exposure and work in eSports, or should people try harder?

The question posed by Slasher (Producer and Co-Host @liveonthree)

The endangered species – The FPS Gamer

Due to the fact crossfire.nu is specifically such a FPS based community I find this column as applicable here as any other site so I encourage your replies and welcome feedback.

I think everyone who still plays games today who has been around for more than 2 years has seen the downfall of the FPS genre among the public, I talk mostly to the streaming side of things. You only need to look at League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and World of Tanks and more to see we are a dying breed of gamer.

CGS Aftermatch:dialer

Good day boys and girls, today we start series of post CGS interviews (about damn time). The players interviewed in the series will obviously be CGS 2012 attendees and possibly players that are planning on going to CGS Winter in February from both .eu and .pl communities. First one to go is the leader of CGSWINNERS aka team that won CGS 2012 - dialer.

PS.:Name the person you want to see interviewed next in comments.

CGS: Preview

Upcoming patches

A week has passed since the release of Crossfire 4, which makes this a perfect opportunity to have a look at what we're planning on doing next. Your feedback has certainly been useful and compared to prior launches of major Crossfire upgrades, we're happy with the limited amount of flame we received. This however doesn't mean everyone is happy, certainly not.

What makes a player great?

What was, what is, what will be

After the quite chaotic launch yesterday I'd like to write a couple of lines about the current state of the page, its (partly misunderstood) featureset aswell as ask for your contributions and point out a couple of things I'd like to see implemented in the near future.

GtkG - fanatic

Today, I'm bringing you non other than one of the most active polish player and contributor among the community : fanatic ! We're gonna go deeper into his past and current experiences as a player aswell as a person.

Hi! First of all fanatic, could you introduce yourself ?

GtkG - sonNy

With the upcoming Cracow Gamespot event and some other great tournaments in the past it is time to give you an insight view about sonNy himself and the big Polish offline event!

Hey sonNy, first things first - who are you?
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