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Eurocup XII - The Playoffs Are Here!

It’s been just three weeks of intense Eurocup action, but we’ve once again reached that final defining stage. Eight are gone, just eight remain. The teams now four wins away from a showdown in the “Grand Final”.

The ET Awards - 2005!

*Update* - Results & further coverage out either tonight / Wednesday!

So, the end of another year. And what a year its been! 2005 can be looked back on as possibly the most successful year for ET since it came into being nearly three years ago, in April of '03. And the reason for the success? Quite simply, the community. People like you who keep this game not just alive, but very much kicking. This equates to both the non-playing community, and the players themselves.

Finally, the awards's results.

Finally we have come to a conclusion for the ET Awards 2005. Booths have been closed and votes have been counted. Before you look at the results I want to say that everybody is a winner. This ain't true of course ;p. There is just one winner for each category which can be found on the following pages:

- Best Player
- Best Moment

ET-Scene.de Mapping Contest

You want more 6on6 Competitions, you want more action on ETTV - we want just another map to bring you more!

swine and I talked a little bit about the actual mappool and came to the result, we need another great curstom map, next to sw grush, sw oasis, sd2 and braundorf.

xfire awards #3 !

The year is over, Ariel Sharon is in coma and the ET awards by resku and company were a nice and successful input. However, Mrozu and Ravenous decided to continue the heritage Shakes left with xfire awards.

Why we love sd2! (Update 1)

As you already know, there is a poll on xfire about custom maps, and as you already read on the news page and in an other article, there is a mapcontest running.
splodge wrote a column here: http://www.xfire.be/?x=column&mode=item&id=310
There was another journal/column/article some weeks ago about custom maps, didn't found it yet.

Eurocup: Loser's Brkt Final Coverage

It's that phrase we've come to know and love by now. There might not be many Eurocup Sundays left (for this competition at least), but that doesn't mean the quality of games is suffering in any way. uQ are lurking in grand final place, awaiting the winner of this, the CB Eurocup Loser's Brkt Final.

Just a little how to for newbies (updated)

A small startup tutorial for the esl - with its how to's and informations about challenging and stuff (with images!!!)

[img|left]http://gfx.esl-europe.de/gfx/news/teaser/19000/19141.jpg[/img] As you already read here http://www.xfire.be/?x=news&mode=item&id=1640 , esl is going to bring you just another cup, to get another ec (atleast, we hope we can support it this way). Manny of u had problems with noshows of opponents and with the system himself.

Open Cup Premier Division Finals!

The Clanbase Open Cup Premier Division comes to and end. Although there were a large number of dropouts, six out of 32 teams (in comparison with the Eurocup were only two teams have dropped out so far!) and some last minute rule changes (only one team of every group advanced to the playoffs) we have seen some nice games. The only teams left are SixthSense and BeNed. They meet eachother tomorrow evening.

6s vs BeNed
24th of January 2006 20.15 GMT

Nationscup Knowledgebase

This article will be your definitive knowledgebase throughout the ET Nationscup season. Being constantly updated as the tournament progresses and the content improved - so be sure to keep checking back to see how your nation acheives.

The article section here doesn't work as it should - the article has been posted on esreality.com
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