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Dignitas vs FatGames - Clash of the Britons

In a fight for the British CoD crown (and the CC5 prizemoney), Dignitas will be taking on FatGames in what should be a very interesting game. With Dignitas having lost just last weekend to FatGames (a close 12:16 on crossfire), revenge is available for the iseries heroes to reclaim their title. Dignitas will be missing star player United Kingdom blackmane as they were last week at Gameland, however have practiced since with Will and the future may be bright for them! Will Fatgames keep their position on top of Dignitas, or will Dignitas reclaim their accolade as the best the UK has to offer?



United Kingdom Dignitas
United Kingdom raz
United Kingdom Mark
United Kingdom Will
United Kingdom Soclon
United Kingdom Lookzor



United Kingdom FatGames
United Kingdom rzEjA
United Kingdom duffer
United Kingdom JUSZN
United Kingdom D1ablo
United Kingdom ChivasR

Map: TBA
Live: GamesTV, QuadV

United Kingdom Morg: We played them last weekend at Gameland and we lost on crossfire in overtime 16:12, so we know it's gonna be a tricky match. It's gonna depend on the map, but we're still confident we can win. If anyone shines it would probably be United Kingdom Mark or United Kingdom duffer.

United Kingdom brokn: I think that dignitas will definitely win, but Fatgames will put up a fight. Both are widely experienced on all maps, so the map choice won't matter much. Will may be a merc, but he's definitely a capable player, whereas Fatgames have a relatively new lineup, and they're playing with rzE who's been out of the game for a while. Players to watch are probably United Kingdom raz and United Kingdom duffer.

Poland reaktiv: I think that this time dignitas will take it because last time they didn't take FatGames too seriously, and now they will push themselves to play at their peak. United Kingdom raz and United Kingdom rzEjA will be the guys to watch.