One thing the ET community can take great pride in is its achievements, the fact this game is even alive today is because of what the community has done in its past. However, those are yesterdays achievements the question of the column is what are you going to do today?

ET has the best broadcast tool of any game and with it the best broadcast website/community ( behind it. It has a legacy of the Quakecon team and what the community did to build it, ET has done more than any other community to fight off cheat organisations and it has maintained a strong level of activity despite its age to name just a few things the game has done. Those are just a selected handful of accomplishments that the ET community can put to its name. But what has it done lately? More importantly, what have you done lately?

'Back in my day' there were healthy debates/flame wars about the best way to progress the game here on Crossfire between the likes of Myself, Shakes, Kajab, zenon, Lake, Cash etc. Now some of those went on to be CB Headadmins, Some of those went on to win Eurocup and some of them did a little of both the reality was if you wanted something done you did it yourself. For example, Shakes was running a cup (that I dont think ever finished?) - that he wanted it to prove that his new amnesia lineup were good enough for Eurocup and Snuggs and Myself wanted Supply Depot in it to prove its competitive legitimacy, that cup achieved both its goals, both got accepted to the following Eurocup.

Further back in my day, The Clanbase sup Spirit was an absolute tool who blamed ETTV for the late running of the EC. However he failed to provide server information for ETTV until about 5 minutes before the match. Now remember this was a long time before connecting ETTV to a server was a straight forward operation. After enough bs and creating enough fuss within GGL (who owned iTG who I was casting for at the time) I with help from others organised a boycott until things were fixed, the boycott was eventually not needed and things got fixed and Spirit left the following season - however as was the way back then, if you don’t like something you try to fix it.

And now we come to today! The CIC7 Map Pool debate. Clown raises a quite valid point that there are not enough active top level players involved in the map pool discussion. However the point Clown missed was that is not through choice, there are also not enough active top players involved in the admin community. There is a very well trodden path here on Crossfire of top players moving into an admin role, Decem, Sol, Adacore for example. Quite worringly I ask you where is the next Adacore going to come from?

We have moved a long way away from the days of top players getting involved and doing things on their own to prove a point. Clowns more recent article regarding Bremen is the first instance in a long time of some action in that department, it doesn’t always have to public action either - urtier for example was always a very active private contributor to ET decisions. We've even moved so far away from those days that Krosan who has been the most active admin on CF in the past 6 weeks is now almost public enemy #1, despite the fact he did the 2009 Awards, ran 4 Intel Cups and posts a shit load of news. Is there no way to win with you guys?

Apparently there is no way to win with the community at the moment. I cite TAG as the perfect example of this. As we have all come to realise, TAG are ALWAYS right but I discovered on their website that former CB Admin, Homer, attempted to create a focus group for decisions for the last Eurocup season, TAG’s representative Lightning did not participate:

image: TAGQuote

It is clear that such a solution will not work if such crucial voices such as TAG will only use their voice to complain rather than get involved when organisations reach out to them. So the effective solution from history is that top players must start to step up and get involved into the admin community. Right now I am debating adding someone like Toxic simply because he is trustworthy, not a cock and was an admin long ago – but that is a token gesture (he knows this :P) to solve the problem in the short term, what I would love is that there was another top player out there already doing work in the community to actually try and grow or improve their game who would be a logical addition to any admin team. Instead the most active people are the whiners and flamers, so as the title states – GET UP OFF YOUR ARSE AND DO SOMETHING or situations like the map pool will happen again and again.