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Now we've seen columns and journals all over crossfire with people wanting to see the revival of the Clanbase ladders but today I propose a different idea .. Crossfire ladders.

Hear me out.. We all know ET was the most fun when there were 1000's of active teams in ladders all competing for the top spot. However, in the last few years, the number of top teams in these ladders has declined. So we ask ourselves, why? Boredom? Insignificance? That's why there needs to be something to play for..

There's no doubt Crossfire has more support than Clanbase and ESL in terms of the etpro community, especially with the more skilled teams. So how about running a ladder after cc7 with active admins throughout the year with something to actually play for? Prizes? Servers? Money? Maybe for cc8 seeding? (instead of the hectic seeding tournament that just happened) or maybe Crossfire can work something out with Clanbase and give the top four spots in the ladder at the end of the season, a direct invite to Eurocup and 5th-8th go into playoffs (like the football leagues).

There needs to be different ladders apart from 5on5/6on6 of course such as the 3on3 ladder. Maybe there can be different days for different ladder matches such as Wednesday = 5on5 night or Thursday = 3on3 night (just not Sunday because most of the officials from other competitions are on this day anyway).

No doubt there needs to be rules added such as you being able to play for only one team in each ladder (you can play for a team in the 3on3 ladder and a team in the 5on5 ladder but you can't play for two teams in the 5on5 ladder or two teams in the 3on3 ladder).

With the support from the top teams for this concept and time and effort from admins and helpers, I think we could all look forward to some great matches on ETTV on a weekly basis (rather than once every 3 months or something).

Idea was brought forward by United Kingdom razz but he can't read or write :(