The ongoing Clanbase NationsCup is moving into the Playoff stage, and although the group stages themselves went in general 'according to plan' the playoffs have the potential for an upset here or there and the playing field is that bit more level. For me, this is something that draws me in to watch the games and read the news - ET 'Club' teams, you might say, lack the sort of competitive edge until the very late stages. Are current top teams too stacked?

The current downsides being 'at the top of the scene' are of course lack of options for practices as well as in general practicing less. I know more than most that playing a game but not having many good teams to practice against generally demotivates you to play said game all together - we don't want to lose players due to this. So what other options are there?

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Tighter competition would lead to a more open playing field

With the success of the recent CDT could this perhaps be viable to be permanent? A draft system would make scrims more exciting as you would be playing against a different mix of skilled players most games. It would add some flavor to the scene which would bring more reads to news items and views for ETTV broadcasts as the games would be that more competitive at earlier stages, not just the last three games. In short, it would provide more better quality entertainment.

Highlighting the recent Crossfire Draft Tournament where the winning team, Team Clown, had -0.06 lower odds to win their first game, +1.03 higher to win their second and -1.09 to win the grand final making games less obvious and a bit more attractive to the viewer. The biggest game differential in the entire tournament was Team Night's opening game against Team An7ho which had 1.25 | 4.95 in favor of Night's lineup, with the rest of the games being much more closely rated.

Other than LAN, where anything can happen™, I normally ignore or don't pay much attention to team based competition, although I may pick up the odd replay here and there, until very late on - I am probably not alone. NC like mentioned I find much more enjoyable and it is purely down to the win being up for grabs for both teams - I WANT to see a competitive match, it makes actions that more important and impressive and at the end of the day it is why I am watching.

The main issues surrounding the future of the current team system is the lack of stability in higher tier clans. Every season you'll see 5-6 newly formed lineups with the same mix of players and for whatever reason they don't continue playing together. A permanent long term draft system would help stability and improve competition at the same time, which should improve enjoyment for players and spectators alike. Do you think the clan system is currently working? teams being formed for LAN and demanding full support and disbanding after the event hindering ET? Would higher competitiveness make you enjoy playing more?