Well not all of us, but collectively as a community we are all lacking encouragement and thinking in some of the most pessimistic ways possible.

Firstly, PHX LAN was cancelled due to lack of interest after a huge amount of effort was put in to try and get ET two LANs in a year. The LAN, although admittedly not in the greatest location, was an example of people working together (United Kingdomethr and United Kingdom MerlinatoR) to attempt to put ET on the map as an active game and keep MGCs interested. This has seemingly had an impact, as no big MGCs are left in ET but Anexis. This is also true as there are less signups made less than two months from the next LAN event.

Next, as most of us here in Crossfire will know United Kingdom Danje has been working hard with other known contributors in the community to create a Zombie mod for W:ET. This zombie mod has come a long way, and as the most active website for ET he has been asking quite relentlessly here to gather feedback. This is something that his team is doing off their own back, and something that will hopefully encourage new members to this slowly evaporating community. The project itself is making stable ground and is a good way for all of the people involved to practice a hobby which in some cases (especially in the case of programming) will be valuable elsewhere.

Zombie-mod became huge after it was made an official part of Call of Duty and was encouraged as a game type which later sported big releases such as Left for Dead and Killing Floor. Both these games are amazingly fun, and shooting the hell of out Zombies is a fantastic group activity.

Now, my main concern is how there are replies that follow such a negative trend.

Quote by frozzet is dead

Quote by subet is dead, waste of time

Quote by Infinityplet is dead, et is dead... this is pointless, if you say et is dead go away or try to make people who do something more enthusiastic to make ET more playable. Haters as always gona hate.

The same was seen last night with the old story of EtPro having it's source code requested for by members of the community, years after anyone has really tried to extract it. NetherlandsSimonKinsler himself has put an enormous amount of effort into coverage for you all to read during the BFB, yet you treat him as a person that is knowledgeable yetfoolish.

This community is dying, yes. The community is a stagnant one that sees a very small but valuable trickle of new members that come into the scene. This game does not have advertisement, this game is not highly regarded as one of the best shooters in history (as it may well be) and the way things are going it certainly is not going to get any better, but that is not set in stone.

Most of you here enjoy ET, most of us even love ET as it is a game with an absolutely huge amount of variables, making no game the same and keeping us from getting bored as we play it.

So I ask you crossfire, the main board left for Wolfenstein on the internet, why are you all so childish, pessimistic and dubious of people trying their damned hardest to keep this game alive?