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The next pick of the "Getting to know the game...r" series is nobody else than the famous Germany/Polands1LENT.

At first, tell us abit about the person behind the screen.

Hi, my name is Maksymilian R., I live in Bielefeld, Germany and I am 22 years old. My whole family is polish and almost all of them still live in Poland, so I have two official nationalities.
Currently I'm in the second year of my International Business Studies and I'll soon leave for Canada to study one term abroad. My spare-time activities usually include meeting friends, doing some party or spending time with my awesome girlfriend.

How does your average day look like?

Well, I often need to get up quite early to get my train heading for the university. Since I study in another city i usually spend 2 hours a day in the train. When I get home in the evening there ain't much time left of the day, so what I do then is either hitting the gym, listening to some music or playing a bit of LoL or ET. During the weekend I often go out with some friends and see my girlfriend.

Since when are you playing and how did you find out about Enemy Territory?

I've just checked it and it was in 2006 :D I still was in school and a friend of mine has shown me ET and I decided to give it a try. I didn't know that something like ETPro existed so that's why I first kept playing ETpub on XP-Save servers. The server I was usually on was [R]evenge-Clan server which belonged to a dutch funclan.

Why did you choose "s1LENT" as your Nickname in ET?

The first nickname I have ever used was Silent-Killer :D I got that nickname when a friend of mine installed Counterstrike 1.6 on my PC looong ago and just typed that nickname in. During that time I didn't know anything about e-Sports and just played some games like CS and Battlefield on publics with some RL-friends. Since i kinda liked that name, I kept playing with it and even started playing ET with the nickname " $!|ent-Killer" :DDDD Later I've changed it to s1LENT.

How did you come into competitive gaming?

I think it was when I was searching for a ICQ-Pool ladder and visited ESL for the first time. While browsing the supported games I saw ET in there and thought about giving it a try. So I first signed us ( me, a RL-friend and Bl4d3's brother who I've met on a et-pub server :D) up for the 3on3 ladder (as ICECOLDKILLAZ : ) and had to install ETpro.
Well, I was kinda surprised that ETpro was that different so I ended up losing my first official match EVER which was against shidima ( FaKy, planlos and cant remember ) with an accuracy of 14 or something :D. After that match FaKy invited us to their TS and showed us some basic stuff about ET, like leaning and throwing nades while leaning haha :D That was kinda the start of me playing ETPro.

What are the most memorable moments in your et-history?

I think the most memorable moments are my first game on ETTV: , my first EC which I've played with devilry and the previous Nationscup where we reached the 3rd place after having some awesome matches inlcluding me saving the objective in the last second against the Netherlands :b

How do you see the future of ET?

I think the future of ET looks bleak. There isn't any "real" competition any more, people just keep playing in mixes without praccing or really caring. There are only a few clans left who keep practicing. The activity has been slumping over the past years and I for myself ain't that motivated anymore to play that often. That's why I mostly just play some 3on3's in the evening with some cool guys :)) ( shoutout nB lOl )

Are you going to attend the LAN in Holland this summer? If yes, what are your expectations?

I was thinking about attending it, mostly because of meeting some of the guys I was playing with. But I have to save some money for Canada so I probably wont be able to attend if there is nobody sponsoring at least a bit of the fees... But if I'm going there I would not really expect winning it, although I would of course want to try :D In the end it depends on the team I would go with.

Alot of people were expecting you to beat TeamUK in the Nations Cup. What do you think went wrong?

I honestly don't think that it is that much of a shame to lose to a team like the UK. They have really some awesome players in it and the atmosphere in the team seems to be perfect. We have made some stupid mistakes on radar like two guys spawning at the CP and the objective pushing out too early because of the lack of communication.
Furthermore I honestly dont think that we have had the best lineup this season. In my opinion we were lacking some teamplayers and especially reviving medics like sTOWNAGE or gr0ss. The team was kinda all about aim and fame :D and I didn't really feel comfortable as an engineer in that team before the changes were made. Additionally my PC has some issues with 6o6 so that I don't have stable fps on ANY map which has also killed my last motivation and leads me to step back from playing that NC that actively (though last week I had to help out :D). I recently saw drago playing again and hope that Germany can finally find the right lineup to reach the finals again.


Favourite movie? Too many good ones, though I'll go with "The Dark Knight" :b

Favourite song? always changing :))

Which sport? Football!! I don't really have a favorite team but I'm always cheering for the national team of Poland <3 ( and Germany when they dont play against Poland :D)

Most overrated player? Since I have to decide, I will go with Germany kiwi ( sry brah :D ). I don't think that he is a bad player or so, but he could use his really good aim even better with more gamesense :D

Most underrated player? I won't pick any of the "known highskillers" and will instead name a player, who really deserves to play EC for once :D Germany caTchEr

The best 6on6 Lineup you could imagine?

-Estonia Night
-United Kingdom sqZz
-Italy XyLoS
-Latvia Clown
-Finland olBaaa
-France karnaj

Thanks a bunch for taking some time to answer!! Any Shoutouts?

nB <3 , Team s1LENT :DD , #credibilis,gr0ss,crASh,wHiSk3y, krischiiiii; caTchEr,risee,ohurcool and many many other awesome guys I've played with :))