Currently 2009

raptux (fieldops, enginieer,medic)
spark (medic, soldier, field ops)
ziGER (medic, eng)
sprajt (rifle, medic, fieldops)
Rage (medic)
sexupload (medic, covert ops)

Clan since 2004/05 - 2009

Gold with dunno bGaming 3vs3 Cup
Gold with dunno GameBite League 6vs6
Gold with dunno ChampionsLeague 6vs6
Silver with dunno UP 3on3 Pistols Cup
Bronze with dunno 3on3 Cup

4th with Played on UGS LAN 3on3
8th with Played on UGS LAN 6on6

EuroCup XII with
Contact information, #Pr3dSdotGaming