ET Public?

Yooo since the !!! server and HBC server a pretty bullshit ... is there any other public like *BiO* ??

I mean the only one i know was alter NBS and its laggy and only empty....

Thanks .. if there is no Server left - gg - ET IS DEAD! :D

cya lan
Yes, there are a lot of like a *BiO* servers. NBS, cybergames, purefrag, they're dead too.
Lass lieber paar wars zocken
wo und wie :D man sucht ja 5 stunden
Quatsch, Wochenende geht immer :p
skibidibidi dopdolopdop dopdolopdop skibidibidi dopdolopdop
yo, if server is the problem we can set up one. msg me or stray with configs
There are enough empty servers, that isn't the problem.
shit configs?
Well... with the player base as it is, a server needs dedicated players to populate it before others will join it. There are no bots and no one wants to join an empty server. There are very few admin crews who actually put the necessary time in consistently, so that's one issue. Then add in that many popular servers are the target of DDoS attacks or other exploits (ref/rcon exploits, crashes, etc.) and the lack of anticheat for public (anyone can come on with a ten-year old cheat and empty the server) unless PB is used (which causes a whole range of other issues). It would take a well-put-together sever with the latest patches, some sort of DDoS protection, a dedicated admin crew, and some LUA features to help with running it.

This isn't to say it's impossible; there are several active ETPro servers like HBC, Hirnlos, Hirntot, and quite a few that used to be successful and were closed for one reason or another. But all of those factors coming together would be difficult.
Well sounds good but i have no clue about configs... a server like BiO or goq' back in the old times wouldnt be empty imo. Call it crossfire public or something and make it sticky here , some people would play for sure... set up the CB 6on6 pool with the config and it would run imo. No need in ranks , levling or eng & medic on lvl 4 :))
There is atleast one public server running pure global config and some servers similar to it. If you list all etpro servers f.e. in trackbase browser you can see there are around 150 etpro servers (+ all those hidden servers) and the fact is that without some exceptions the current playerbase is capable to fill 3-4 servers at the same time.

Foreigner explained everything else pretty well.
Perhaps you should give a try to the server which Aniki posted to public server's topic 2 weeks ago.
QuoteNew server Et pro Poppy's Public (like Nbs)

Or maybe F|A ETPro servers...they have some etpro game nights here? Or
How was the Friday?
Shit before I join to teach these noobs how to own at computer.
j/k was fun i stayed till 11pm or smth cause I had to go to teh cklub but it had solid ~16 players the whole night with several maps
e: + teamspeak with cool nerds
was good. come tonite =)
wasnt home but im sure ill join up next weekend ! :) sounds like fun
kommste ts dann ist lustig =)
thank you! was fun :}
will be whole january on friday and sunday.
gonna see which day is more popular so we will go on once a week =)
glad u enjoyed it

event starting at 8 =)
hbc lit af
Poppy's public
New server to replace Nbs
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