Yeaaaahhh, new DnB track!

Yeah! After a long time (more than a year) I finally have a reason to log in to Crossfire again, to annoy you with a new track I made in a random journal that nobody reads but some salty internet trolls. Gotta keep up traditions!

Made this turd in one night session #teamnosleep. It's heavily inspired by older Pendulum, and if people like it (which seems to be the case) I'm thinking about making an EP in this style.

if i say pussy what do you reply with?
DnB so 2010 !
if it was 2006 i mightve liked it lul

sounds so dated man
So every new song that comes out has to be in 2017 style? Damn music would be fucking shit then :D Anyhow thanks for listening! :)
damm, that lead is dope. haha. but those drums are turn off for me.
Aye thanks so much! May I ask what turns you off from the drums? Any criticism and tips help me
this kind of music is it not just my style. i love more realistic, banging drums. Cheers!
well it's not THAT bad, but Pendulum times just wont come back mate. get over it and go on with some other ideas
I guess wasn't too bad for what it is. Not a fan of the drums though, maybe a diff sample/hihat.
Can't you play drums and record it? :3
I didn't even need to look anywhere. first thing I realised was "pendulum". if you have an impact, it's all good. I remember you as an Epica fan, right? pretty funny we both ended up composing "EDM".
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