Computer friends day

Hi my 271 crossfire friends,

The others can fuck off because today is the very serious #InternetFriendsDay.
Have a wondeful day my e-friends!!! <3 <3 <3

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Lovely yours,

MarseilleLeFrancis - Your computer friend

e : shit it was yesterday but lets pretend its today eheheheh
Hello colonel, nice booty
again no valentine for you?? god damn that's sad
Hi there Francis,

Thanks for wishing me a good internet friends day - I hope you are well friend.

happy singles awareness day franco m8

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I agreed to be sebhes's brolentine, what should we do today, besides drinking beer under flag on supply and walking on goldrush's streets?
We are gonna have a romantic night under the stars of beach_1944 only to finish the night in the warm and lovely beds of tc_base.

Any advice on valentine gifts is always appreciated.
now I got idea that I really want my lunch box to look like medic pack
*mp_base you uncultured swine
u just mad cuz he didnt take u on that submarine on mp_sub
stfu or I will take you to radar for valentines day
Says Mr. Slayer
spent it with my cat
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