Mix vs WuT's Team (Mix's fail)

Or was it?

After spending several hours reviewing Mix's epic fail, I have deemed it not a fail on Mix's behalf but a fail of rather ET itself.

Please have a look at the following images that were generated by some of the most qualified individuals on team #gdef.

The epic fail.

image: touch-flag

However, when we zoom in, enhance, and re-study the image, a new discovery is made causing an evidentiary detail in a photograph to become clearer.

image: touch-flag-close-up

The legs were clearly touching the flag and should have been captured.

I demand a replay of Europe Mix vs Poland WuT's Team

and I also suggest you lawyer up Europe bitches drink for free, Europe aaaa & Europe buy beer or gtfo
Scissor sisters
journal 2k17 so far
sry no time
I think you should lawyer up as well...
Hahahahahahaha Tites:D
stfu Tites, also you still on point boy, hawt!
ma nigga casek
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