Tuesday 6on6 SMASHED (better known as SILVERsmasher)

image: Smashed-2

Lineup :
Germany ScaTmaN SMASHED
Sweden Ekto SMASHED
Germany psiquh SMASHED
Germany w1Za SMASHED
Germany mKs SMASHED
Germany FimS SMASHED

We need :
We the SILVERSMASHERS ( hi chosen ) need a 6on6 on tuesday if possible all maps : start should be 8 oclock.
Can make a superduper Showmatch @ GTV , the winner gets 1 round beer at lan. So no pressure! cya LAN!

PM me here since IRC is no option anymore for myself ^^

image: SBN_logo_clean
kurz gesagt: 6on6 hs
don't cut it down to this, he is/was kinda proud about this post

...but yeah you're right...
I dunno why u offer free beer :p
GL nerss
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