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Good morning my gaming friends,

Yes, I know it's already afternoon but it's still morning for retired computer athletes like Marseilleme.

Disclaimer :
First and foremost, this journal isn't dedicated to the nerds who still try hard to win pocal in 2017. This journal aims to provide very detailed and crucial information for the people going to LAN in GermanyKrefeld.

image: RealTrip

I - Bars for bears

As you can see on the map, in blue, MarseilleLeFrancis offers you a very unique tour in the city of Germany Krefeld. Please take note that the "rotation" was smartly chosen in a way that towards the end of the trip, we are close to the Klinikum aka Hospital for our gaming fellows with a low+ liver or low resistance to alkohol in blood.

II - You said bears?

For the people out there who love animals, an amazing journey to the zoo can be planned, so you can show your friends (if you have any) how cool you are with your can of bear drinking bear with bears. Watch out! Fun guaranteed!!!

III- Bitches Women that provide special services

After digging the Internet very hard for you guys, I came with this finding. If you need some love, after all these very serious gaming that took place during the day, feel free to join the Germany Ritterstrasse. Located very close to the gaming battlefield, the ladies are waiting for you!

Source: here

IV - Sleeping
Sleeping at LAN?! Are you fucking retarded?

V - Others
As you can do whatever you feel like with your dicks, MarseilleLeFrancis does not judge you. You can find a very extended list of places for homosexual and shemale ppl down below. You see, even you TurkeybAnga can have fun!!! :{D
Source: Here

As you can see guys, I worked very hard to provide you with USEFUL information about LAN in GermanyKrefeld. Keep in mind, I am not a GermanyDeutschlandic guy and I've never gone to GermanyKrefeld but I am ready to lead you guys to the world of fun sponsored by #follow.et since 2008.

image: tumblr_obsljd56uC1v1wvcuo1_1280

Awesomely yours,

MarseilleLeFrancis - An e-tourist guide
Thanks for all these medals guys. I'm happy you like my tour advices. cu lan.
Warm regards!
live from club pls (via twitch or youtube)
gr8 idea m8!!!
This seems like a professional guide to a great Germany kity.

Ritterstrasse, lovely
cu there =)

anyone wanna come snort some coke with bitches?
cu there kaveri
I wish someone would IRL stream the later on party of lan. :)
i need to try if i can stream with my phoning device but some content would be +18 :s
Awesome! xD
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