The KBG LAN - Revised Map Pool

After exactly 551 days we will have a successor to the last ET United LAN. During last LAN, Rushit took the win against the always participating Germans.

According to the last poll, The Money Team lead by Mr. Break Even United Kingdom R0SS will be top favourite, followed by the tryharding Germans and the Polish online heroes.

On behalf of the admins, Elysium and 'xD Trickjump, I would like to wish everybody an outstanding weekend. To all spectators, make sure to watch as many games as possible. To all players, make sure to shoot as many headshots as possible.

Participating in an ET LAN in 2017, 14 years (!) after its release, is something I never could have wished for when I started back in 2005. This would not have been possible without Germany Chosen, Ekto and stRay. Another guy who certainly deserves to be mentioned is United Kingdom Msh100 who did a lot of work behind the scenes, providing us stable GamesTV and servers.

Fellow Enemy Territory players, may the odds be ever in your favor! I see you all on the batlefield.

- Sebhes
Nice Seba!
nice read. nice spirit.

cu all there =)
See you mate. :)
Was looking for the Oasis keyword. Disappointed.

Same to u ofc!!

Starting my trip now! Cu later :)
hf guys
nice read!

cu tonight
Playing 12 years and still .......
such a nice guy?
Have fun guys and gals!
Speaking of nice weekend, what's the weather like?
Same here alas. At least I don't have to pack my shorts :-)

See ye in less than 24h so!
I am deeply saddened that Marcus couldn't make it. I am, however, delighted he is still apart of this community. Crossfire awards are dead now so he can have the potty appreciation award for being there still to this day sorting things out at LANs and on gamestv :) This award is much better than a cf award anyway.

See you guys in like 16 hours maybe if I don't get lost getting to the event or find something better to do in Germany :)
marcus always mvp
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