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Here is my stream schedule for the first section of KBG LAN, I have opted to cast as even games as possible and tried to cast as many teams as possible. The 6/7 team format in 6on6 groups makes this really good (4 team groups you generally had two 'good' games and they were played at the same time.)

Only downside is that TSB vs. ELYSIUM is the last game of Group A where one of the other games could decides who qualifies.

3on3, Group A + B (19th May)
10:00am CET - rektem vs. bsturz
11:00am CET - back2kill vs. Fraggers
12:00pm CET - Gut Lack vs. smashed
13:00pm CET - visual vs. 3amigos
14:00pm CET - kurwittu vs. Trickjump
15:00pm CET - TBA vs. TBA
16:00pm CET - TBA vs. TBA

Last two games of the 3on3 Groupstage based on group standings

6on6, Group A (19th May)
18:00pm CET - Face'N'Muscles vs. Cat in a Hat
19:00pm CET - Face'N'Muscles vs. Team Oxid Silver
20:00pm CET - Smashed vs. Team Oxid Silver
21:00pm CET - Cat in a Hat vs. Smashed
22:00pm CET - Team Solo B vs. Elysium

6on6, Group B (20th May)
10:00am CET - Eurocans vs. Trickjump
11:00am CET - Randomz vs. Paronix
12:00pm CET - The Money Team vs. Eurocans
13:00pm CET - The Money Team vs. Paronix
14:00pm CET - Paronix vs. Trickjump
15:00pm CET - Team Oxid vs. K1ngs
16:00pm CET - TBA vs. TBA

Last game of 6on6 Group B will be based on group standings

Rest of Day 2 will be the playoffs, I will again opt for the most even clashes where I can. I will most likely not cast the losers tournament live as I want to cast the 3on3 Playoffs. 6on6 on Day 3 I will cast UB Final, Consolidation Final and Grand Final. Then I will sleep ;)

GL + HF! :)
Gl & hf merlinator!
Looking really good Merlin. Awesome
Awesome, will watch you for sure!
Go Team TBA!
Nice merl!
Are Vila, Mesq and Lio still attending or did they dodge?

I suppose ETTV still works? I want to see their games.
yes and yes. they are playing 6on6 with k1ngs and​ lio is playing 3on3 with PlAyer & mAus
It's "Teamoxid" x)

We try to cast matches ypu don't with community stream, wont happen with smashed vs. oxid silver though :p
Hey nub why no put link to stream!
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