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I have just got fibre broadband and should be 46mb which I can get but with other people on the same Internet it is laggy and even when it's just me it can spike. I seen you can get gaming routers and was wondering if I had bought a better router would it be able to help at all maybe let me use more mb and set others lower if possible?

Cheers for your awesome help :) mucho loveo
use wireless just like me

npnpnp (sucks)
im using wireless mate, just seems that its dropping far to much
would explain the nades only
it's actually mental going from normal 50 to 999 and back so much :\
Welcome to my world brother
I was laughing at you :( now look
why does it matter to you when image: demental goes 999?
why would that make any difference to me ^^
get decent router, helps alot.
disable your netlimiter m8
I'm guessing your kidding and not helping :(
does your router allow u to set up QoS?
I don't know lol how can I tell I don't even know what QoS is
ask some good friend, who knows IT, to set it up for u :)
people I'm good friends with don't tend to know much about pcs :(
what kimi said above its something like a traffic shaper where u can prioritize applications over other so for example if ur bro is downloading something u got 200ping with qos hed be downloading slower and ud be on 48ping, but i dont think its worth the effort setting it up, its nice to have tho from a nerds perspective.

the "lag" as you call it can have more reasons then the router being faulty or misbehaving in anyway.
still best solutions when it comes to computers is just to buy a new one XD i custom built myself around a 1000$ dollar "router" its fun untill u get problems again and ur kinda forced to troubleshoot so ur back at saving up for the best money can buy, life of a tipical consumer where buying pricey shit doesnt change anything at all xD meaning i could get myself a killer home router for 50bucks with nice antennas lights and all of the good shit to show to all of my imaginary friends when they come over to my imaginary home to an imaginary party

The "Gaming" next to the routers name just means a higher price
u can get the same quality spending 30-50$ just look for a gigabit router
Probably u have fancy stuff already configured and set up on the gaming routers stuff nobody really needs like QoS so it can be handy for u if u think someone downloading/uploading is making u "lag"

but since ur trying to setup urself a traffic shaper id suggest buying a good brand with good firmware that allows u do to some modifications
any tp link is good in my experience but bad firmware so id switch from their default one to a gargoyle build which is amazing and lets u do all the stuff u want to do, remember the default tp link firmware doesnt allow you to do that IIRC (not up to date on that).

tl;dr of tl;dr

@jinosta id say just swap the routers out buy one for like 20$ if it doesnt fix the problem
try upgrading firmware to something like gargoyle or buy a 100$ gaming router

could also be that its nothing wrong with ur home network/router maybe its ur service providers fault
since they hire bunch of clowns
its fucking kindles that are making me lag I think but maybe its net, so what sorta router should I be looking for that isn't gonna cost me a fortune!
anything that says "Gigabit" or "1000" on the box :D
Every router from the last few years can do Gigabit on LAN, the problem is if it can do Gigabit WAN. That can be a problem for those so called Gigabit routers ;) Jinosta his connection is not fast, so any router from a reliable brand should do the trick. But the more expensive ones can route Gigabit and also have wireless ac. Switching from 2.4GHz to 5GHz wireless solves most problems.

With a connection like I have you need something pretty good:
the Netgear R700 for example can handle it without a problem. I am currently using a virtual pfsense instance instead.
Try disabling ipflood if you have it on, worked for me!
Nah i think some traffic shaper is needed in the router. Some QoS as Kimi wrote above. Don't think a gigabit router would help, because ... your local network would be faster, but the router still wouldn't give higher priorty to your game application. It would download anything from the internet with the highest speed possible, and you would still have lagspikes i think.

Don't know about gaming routers, maybe they provide something to give priority to certain applications, so that might be a solution.
Are you using 2,4GHz wireless? And do you have a lot of neighbors? Than 5GHz can be the solution. First try to play with a cable for once, and if that does not cause any problems the problem is with the wireless connection. If that is the case buy the Netgear R7000 or TP-Link Archer C7 and make sure you use a 5Ghz ac wireless adapter than. QoS does not really help, unless many people are using the same connection.
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