playersunknown battleground

Boys, Girls, not sure what some of you are...

But does anyone else have the above game? Its hard game when not playing with a team.

write below your steam names!

hope a few do

playing regularly with wootm8 <3 swanim8 and other catsinahat
takes one to know one :D
jelly much0
maybe we can do a fund so he isn't alone :D
Add WilliamsFus
is it the h1z1 fake?
You just want to slit your wrists a bit less with this one.
What is that new trend to speaker about others games here, on a site that should be only for ET
crossfire is a community website and always had other games on here. Et community might as well play other games together and when games or lan players in contact.
yeah ofc but most of the time ppl talk about ET issues etc..
But indeed if you wanna play othergames with ET player it works too ^^
I have been in the et and crossfire community alot long than you chap don't need it explaining cheers.
oooh don't start being aggressive man ! I'm not that sure you're there since longer than me

So don't start acting like a oldschool with me
He has a 8 y/o cf profile he must be a veteran:s

I can sell you my cf profile for an OW/CS:GO acc and then you can tell him omg i plej longer den judu l0l. Absolutely worthy.
Means he got his account un 2009.. its nothing i play since 2004 i got account here since 2007 so im à veteran of ET too
mxtor. I taken this off her and messaged you in private to cut this shit. You are sending nothing but insults, if it was in person you wouldn't say half the shit you are.

I have been playing et alot longer than this account is. This year you have posted about other games on cf as.

I guess you have nothing better to do with you day. If you have taken my posts above as aggressive then you really don't know what that word means.

If you want to keep messaging and talking to yourself go ahead. I just hope if you do see me you can say these things in person :)
I'm sending insults ?! are you kidding me ? show it then ! show what kind of insults i've sent you !!

You're paranoid and a liar ! that's crazy ET still have this kind of player !

man your answers were aggressive ! "I have been in the et and crossfire community alot long than you chap don't need it explaining cheers." this is not insults but this is aggressive man, you take it bad while my answer was an apologize ! Wtf are you trying to argue with me dude ?

ahaha well i would tell you exactly the same in front of little redbeard !
1st Most retarded frenchie - France Mxt0r ":D" (Crossfire Community Awards 2017)
say the one that thinks Shootej cheats :')
I wasnt serious. I could name people with 3-4 years old accounts who could easily rekt anybody. Its sick when someone believes he is cool because he has an "old acc". Worse than any lowskilled kid with full gear in a pay2win game

I have a 20 years old peurnhub acc, but i have never had a gf and not even hukerz would talk to me :((
there is no other game than et
Drinking games
not a pc game, but ok we could add it to the list
Many former ET players are currently playing that game. For instance, Winghaven:

Playing almost every night. Add me on steam "razzahlol"
battlegrounds is actually fun dual/squad

edith: add me if you want:
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