Why there is no journal about this WW2 Multiplayer gameplay video?!

Dunno maybe I am just too old but the game doesnt look bad at all?! Look there is stopwatch and building lego bridges!

I see ppl crying in the youtube comments that there is no recoil. isnt that what we want boys?!

it looks rly good! the 1st cod i gona buy prolly
if you have console. bb pc play
Are these pliers sharp kurwittu Swanidius 3 lans without fragging
That game looks amazing, forsure going to play it and stop this shit game :p
but till that you will play et 24/7
Nah allrdy playing less
Surprisingly this actually doesn't look too bad.Most of the guns look pretty fun to use and the maps look tight. Definitely looks a lot more entertaining than the past CoD's that came out in recent years.

So many people complain about realism, but as long as the game is fun who cares about all that stuff. Just because it's WW2 themed doesn't mean everything has to be straight out of a history textbook. RtCW + ET are good examples of that.

+1 for no recoil :D
lets get our horses up and hop into the disappointment train which is going to arrive on 03.11.2017

provided that they're going to implement making your own servers (e.g. ow) and doing changes in server settings (e.g. disabling this whole radar scanner,) it can be promising
PS4 Preorded :)
You obviously don't want a lot of recoil, but the problem with this is the low TTK. Doesn't reward good tracking as much as you'd like and not enough incentive to go for headshots. Also the movement is probably gonna be boring as hell. With that said it sounds interesting that they added some ET style objective elements to it, might check it out.
looks good with doing objectives, atmosphere and effects good as usualin COD but still not headshot focused and I dislike tracking enemies through that little scope at smg's.
something like 70 fov :s
no tracking needed :s
no headshots needed :s
ironsight :s
The game looks half decent, the best CoD out of the last couple of years
that bridge building is hilarious lol
I agree, and getting the command post xD
Prone delay
sorry too busy becoming professional rocket league player
afaik no promod, have they even released latest cods on PC anymore, think is is gonna be console only'

"PS4: Aug. 25 - Aug. 28

PS4 & XBOX ONE: Sept. 01 - Sept. 04"

cant see PC here
afaik those are closed betas for consoles.

There is no closed beta for PC
afaik there has no been big competition for cods on PC after cod4 promod

afaik that will be the case on the future also, bigger comps will most likely stay on consoles, sad but true :(

dunno why cod competition went for consoles, guess the lack of promod been the reason then
Too bad CoD has negroes and minorities shoehorned in it these days, apparently you can play as a proud woman of color fighting in the frontlines
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