ET issue after update


you guys are basically my last hope and I'm asking for help.

I updated Windows yesterday and my ET doesn't feel smooth anymore or like playing on a 10 hz monitor.
Especially when tracking edges or moving around edges it feels like it lags although my fps are stable 125.
I already tried: another cfg, reinstalled ET, installed new and old drivers of my gtx, uninstalled the windows update...
KRESTi already tried: some random vsync, anti aliasing etc...

Strange thing is that the game is smooth when I'm in spectator mode.

thanks in advance
weird, tried "power options -> high performance" ?
you mean at graphic card? if yes already done...
no , windows settings
if ur on windows 8.1hold down windows key + x then select control panel and search for power options select high performance if ur using anything else goto: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options
done, no difference
i have no clue then, when i had some weird shit i couldnt fix >alt+enter< made the game smooth for me, but windowed, i repeat the process few times and sometimes if i was lucky i could play fullscreen. try it maybe it helps xD
try using 120 hz if you're on a 144 hz Screen
60 hz :-(
try pbprior :-) all tho thats more for FPS (if im correct) but maybe it should help :) if you dont have any link or if you wont find it pmme ill send it to you :)
got it but dunno what to set in there, never used it before
Could you upload it or post link where u got it from?
if you know how to set bimbot than this is a piece of cake for you!

on a serious note: hit me up tonight @ irc i can help you :-)
I though u loved some lower hz :D
I had a similar issue a few years ago, but in my case it was related (also it was win7 update back then) to my dpi+sens combination ingame
the best thing should be uninstall et
read carefully big boy :-*
have the same on 1 laptop with windows 8.1 on it. Feels like the game responds very slow to my mouse movements. Never got it fixed btw. I have no issues on windows 10
Yo, isn't this the same issue?

e: anyways try running it in windows 7 compatibility mode as admin. just in case review video card settings for Et from nvidia control panel, because actually windows updates can mess up other settings. if it's mouse that feels laggy, try different usb port. lastly try rollback drivers and re-update.

e2: also check nvidia updates :D
haha lol, tought i was the only one noticing that mousebug after update.
im gonna check it out
update us. did u fix it?

we should add a solution buttion or a "fixed" mark to such journals.
no, many good tries but not fixed yet
QuoteStart->Settings->Update&Security->Recovery->Go Back to an earlier build-> CU Bye Creators update

that actually helped, thanks to United Kingdom Urbi! only thing i had to do when having the old version again: re-install ET :D:D what an irony
And here I thought ET got updated :S
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