Time to move on

see you in the fall
changed platform to idle heroes
stream soon

ps. jebac bloodjego
Quitting while you're ahead... I see you.
cu next week
Cu in pleasant valley mate
gg nice killing game
ahahaha ben jij er zo eentje die op facebook zegt "drama dag ben er helemaal klaar mee" miepmiepmiepmiepppp

Is this the summer that killed ET :(
omg leku omg
if you want my opinion, the LANs killed ET

It make ppl be back, current players get hopes the ppl who are back gonna stay and then the scene die after the LAN and ppl feel it even more dead than before and get bored and leave.. while it was actually the same than before but the feeling is different.. a feeling lack of activities, than make ppl annoyed..

Thank you LANs
If there were no LANs ET was already uninstalled on my pc
maybe in your case, but many players keep playing ET by passion, get hope by seeing olschool be back, and then see the end of the activities after the LAN, see the oldschool leave and the players like you, or others from the LAN leaving, and lose the hope they had and leave the game then..
Well dont know why people get hope, the activity in ET is the same for years.
it's just what I think, maybe i'm wrong, but indeed, the scene is dead already but I talked to many people that told me "I hope these oldschool are not gonna stop after the LAN" so when they see they disappear the day after the LAN and then seeing great current players like you, iNsA, the germans etc... leaving the game too, it's normal ppl lose motivation too

But anyway it's like that, congratz anyway you will say you're officially the last LAN winner (shoutout to the sentence "I'm officially" on gtv :]
Your opinion is wrong.
True that you've helped and you've been present for the community and LAN to live a lot .. ;)
ET has been dead long before u even mad eur crossfire account lol
thanksfully i was already on ETscene long time before i make this cf account :p
what ?! xD never you crazy !
LANs are the main reason why a game can be competitive and alive... without lan and their cashprizes why would players try to get better and dominate the scene? Its been long enough already since this game has been burried, people shouldn't hope for ET to be alive again but i'd rather hope for a new game that would put every aspect of ET in its gameplay without being a CoD:MWW or anything of the same kind.
I don't say LANs are bad ideas, I've enjoyed watching it, I just say that I think it has an impact on the activities, after the competition there are a pic of /quit, while pplwould have probably keep playing as before the LAN

But I agree with you, a new game thats looks like ET in the gameplay would rox !
What drama did I miss? Is the headshot king really going to quit?
it's always 2 weeks
2 wee.. shot yor fookin mouth twat
cu cheater
cu scared bitch
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