Forfeit win?

Germanyteamoxid paused in supply when the crane was loading the gold into the truck. In all seriousness, we demand a forfeit win for this. Team United States of AmericaROIDS believe they would've won had the allies not cheated. We demand a 3rd map.

Team United States of AmericaROIDS had the following to say.

United States of Americadetdet

FLoPJEHZ is a nerd

United States of AmericaSem
This was only half the battle

are you kidding me

United KingdomJinosta
It's ruined my weekend people having to cheat to win

We demand a decider.
Thank you for the kind words anim <3
Can we all appreciate that detdet is a humongous nerd and still a fucking beast
Looking at the lineup it feels like its a waste for a decider.
low+ arguing with low+
stop playing 4on4 then you will understand
using crane bug = forfeit map. At least in clanbase/esl was that rule
:D rolled
is anim my nigga? idk he have alot of names
I thought it might be fun to see if there's any difference between this game and the one detdet linked.

I suppose it's up for interpretation. What do you guys think?
Also, I'd like to point out that there aren't any explicit rules about not exploiting the glitches in ET in any of the newsposts about this cup. Or about not cheating for that matter.

It's almost as if Teamoxid expects the participants of this cup, who have likely played ET for a decade or something, to act maturely and think for themselves. :O
Doesn't matter, glitch was used.
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