need 3rd for cup

Hey, we are in need of a 3rd player to play this cup, as we have different available times, it's hard to make it work.

know you /q
my french is too rusty for that :D
It's ok, we are not only baguette speakers :D
Also, the word on the street is that you quit ET. :O
si si la famille même en 2017 on joue à l ordinateur
can you guarantee me we win the cup if im avi? Obviously noobs like sungi and rong give me no trouble whatsoever but the nerd dutchies i cant best alone in my current (high-) form.
hired, easy cup win, hardly a challenge :s
Yo respond to my message was hoping we could play today
dons mi je en tip ponujal 300e da ga pofukam v rit
Avi si besoin :D
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