et still alive? - looking for team - skill: pokemon

Hi all

New year, old game. Any fun squad looking for a casual player? I can usually pop-in monday and tuesday nights :)

Skill: Pokemon
Languages: German, English

wtf is up with these "is et still alive?" questions every time when some old player comes back to play the game for 2 hours? cant u just browse this site for 2 minutes and see that theres even a lan announcement made 2 weeks ago


E: 3 years, 11 months and 25 days

ET was already dead when u registered here
leku behind his desk be like
image: giphy
omg it's our famous DJ!
hi, it's me =)
maybe he is smart and realizes this game possibly is not alive on daily basis even though there is a lan announced. if this is the case, he is right. i'm happy i nerded the game "till the end" when you still could find kinda many offis by day, but cant really see the point playing this one anymore. tho glad some people still can keep it up
cmon, et is alive, pds made a post some time ago!
chill, its cool man, its cool
hey is et still alive??
hey ho invv!
hey is et still alive??
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