pubg plajers


Anyone playing PUBG? There must be many very satisfied customers who own atleast 1 piece of those 20 million sold copies of this well developed and crystal clear game. : > We could "paly" together.

Your rank is unimportant. Just enjoy the game and don't rage when something totally retarded happens due to a bug or any other system error.

If you can answer the following question correctly we could play some fun rounds together for sure and make a good company of soldats.

Do you believe that the average loot and the number of vehicle spawns of the maps, especially the new one :Mexicamp is well prepared and it feels like there are a bunch of thinking people behind the monitors of Bluehole?

Yes / No / Vote BAN user: _Karrde

Answer this very important question and add your nick if you want to play some squad games with my friends and me! Our HR Manager will contact you.

In case of empty comment section - > I open a very original "ET still alive? Wow guys I am so surprised all the feels dem feels dat feels damn dudes...bros..." topic. SPREAD YOUR PUBG TAGS
#etisdead #pubgisshit #hangyourself #hashtagfag
Can u please open a topic about new nvidia services? Useful posts will help you to receive instant ban earlier than such comments. Please cooperate
pubg sucks ;/
nooooooo. atleast no better fps atm, maybe battallion will do
played one game 2days ago
won it

i like the game idea but the game could be better (:
I heard Europe Professional Multigayming plays pubg, and they are pretty sucessful too.
finishing my phd at the moment, so not so much time to nerd :(
4on4 high noserver
playing everyday
the loot and vehicle is random as fuck... if that was your question :P but i think they have to rethink the whole loot system if they gonna make it esport...
Just got it, i'm shit at it but its fun as hell
williamsfus if you want to ad me. we do need 2 more for squad team. been in top 100 players eu every season
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