... , is any1 in here REALLY into it, or even studying it?

if so, which uni? what equipment do you have? what are your interests ?
no need for photos.. just draw it yourself
need ze details
im @ gf's

will send later today, completely forgot about you

Of course!!

I've been doing photography since I was about 3 (had an old canon EOS given to me)
Been taking it more serious the last few years studying the best field of all, black and white landscape <3

I've done some courses before hand in black and white/dark room stuff.
I'm now on a general Photography course, currently shooting cityscape, urban landscape and night photography. More people should be into street candid :{
Using my standard Fuji s9000, nikon f50 and a few other manual cams.

Can't wait until I get enough money to get an EOS 20D wooooo
show us something!
Got a few random shots @ flickr, not scanned in any black and white work I developed :}

back in 7hrs going out shooting some pics :)))
<3 the cold winter sunset!
The landscape ones on there are really good, especially the river one.

nice one mate, i like the test
oh nice

did you digitalise any of the pics yourself? if yes, how? i'm not too much into developing yet, anyways i'm trying to install a cheap b/w darkroom soonish, as I was told it's a real easy thing to get into.

i'm on an analogue eos50 atm with a 50/1.8, which is prolly the cheapest equipment one could have :D

edit: my flickr:

not really up to date, as I visit flickr like once/2 months :D
I don't usually digitalise any of my work, only the odd thing. I try to get the 'perfect' shot while I'm out taking pics, but if I go out for the day (using digital cam) I shoot in RAW [and using the '3 shoot rule' where you take one of the sky, one of the middle one of bottom part of pic and merge them in]
If I'm shooting in black and white I try to develop them all right but sometimes end up dodge/burning some pics to make them a little better or using filters to make everything smooth.

As for black/white dark room, they're easy enough to set up if you got a pitch black room I guess.
A guy on my course sold a pile of developing equipment this week, all the chemicals, developer bag etc for £70 :>
you do take sexy pictures.. beautiful..just like you - teehee
Hi, remember me? Pmme at IRC if interest is still evident.
yea, sorry, wasn't around too much last days

I will come back to you in, let's say the next 1-2 weeks when I have everything sorted, if that's ok.

can I see a clip or something meanwhile ? :OP
Internet dates ftw! How about an IRC one-night-stand? Would you be in?
Me too! For shower only though... join me if you like!
Ok, I surrender! Can't stand stand this faggotry!
Ok, but you have to know: Looking's for free, touching's gonna cost you something!
ill make a apprenticeship as Video/Film Editor :>(SOOOOOOON)

so no,sorry.
uiui, def got a new project :)
btw visit us in #doozteam
if i'm on irc, i'm always there (afk most of the time tho :D)
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