Surprise of the century?

DenmarkDenmark gonna be new icehockey World Champions?

Finland vs Denmark 1-4
United States of America vs Denmark 1-2 ot

What the hell is going on :DD?
cu final :-)
whats a supprise
using cheats
denmark ownz
uber skillboost must be hax ;D
Theyre owning ! :DDd
play Canada :D
turkey ftw
USA sucks donkey ass
I lolled, did they really beat the US? XD
SKK best team
WC is shit anyway, only olympic is good, when it comes to hockey.
prac hard,go pro
Team canada sucks anyway.
Every good players declined beside the young players ( Stamkos, Tavares, etc)
Seriously the line-up is shit.
Our backup goaltender is Chad Anderson WHO THE FUCK IS THAT
World Championship during NHL Playoffs. n1.
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