Ventrilo+ET sound problem

When I run ventrilo on this pc (AnonymousAti Radeon HD 4890 , Core i5, Intel DP55WB Motherboard, Realtek ALC888 integrated soundboard, Windows XP SP3) AND , for example, ET - in 2-5 mins sound completely Anonymousdisapperars and Anonymousreboot is the only option to restore it.

Some games like RA3, UT2004 have this problem without ventrilo running, though I'm trying to get ET with vent first.

1.Updating/Downgrading Realtek drivers
2.Updating DirectX to a 2010 June version
3.Different ventrilo settings (though might not tryed them all).
4.There are also Ati HDMI sound drivers, tryed to disable it.
5.Tryed to delete and reinstall FIRST sound drivers THEN video (don't know, some forums claimed it would help)
6.Tryed other headphonesAnonymous.
Oh ye,
7.Tryed to set Windows Audio service to reinitiate if smth goes wrong - no effect.
nerd lol Anonymous
What you need to do is ... GET THE FUCK OUT!
didn't help soz.
I have the same prob, but it's my headset I just plug it out and plug it back in, few times I get blue screen.

e: It's a wireless headset. And I see you didn't did that, so try it ;)
well, my headset isn't wireless first and 2nd is that unplug-plug back seem not to work as well...
you're doomed. gl with playing ET without sound
realtek is the biggest shit mankind ever made.
troo dat.
omg joke wont play tomorrow oc final
gotta write a journal about it!
my sounds dissappear sometimes too =/ usually when i have just opened comp or when i shut down ET and vent all sounds just dissappear.

rebooting seems to be the only help for me too -.-
not an option - not my pc, besides it won't solve the main problem - realtek.
Have you installed all windows updates? Sometimes the odd one can help.

Have you messed around with the all the different sound settings like 5.1 etc?

Tried a deafult cfg in ET?
trying windows updates.

About 5.1 - there was a 5.1 system and I it's turned off atm at driver settings and like I said - drivers were deleted and reinstalled.

Would my ET cfg cause the problem? Cause without vent it works just fine - no sound problem.
I'll try though.

edit windows update didn't work.
I might help but this abundance of tiny annoying pictures prohibits me from doing it.
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