Night watch/Day watch

Its been a while I watched those movies (last time @high school, 4 years ago) and recently I saw 'Night watch' in TV, so I was kinda forced to download second part called 'Day watch' to see second part of story. I almost forgot how awesome those movies are!
In my opinion they have everything, great story, awesome visual effects (and by that I mean smth more than just explosions), nice camera work, also some kind of hidden message. I believe everybody can find in that movie something he/she likes.
So, if anybody is looking for some nice movie(s) with dark atmosphere for hot summer night, I fully recommend this "2 in 1" package, it will take u almost 5 hours, but it kept me focused every second of it.
Btw, I think that the best way to watch it is to have original (they are speaking russian there) with subtitles.
Thx for the info! I like this kind of film, i'll dl both soon.
ive got night watch on dvd, had it for years and never actually watched it, looked weird at the start so cba :D
too much to read
the game was fun
use alineas and i might consider reading this journal of yours which is "without any doubt" full of epicness, thankyou!
i hated those movies to be honest, better read the books the movie are based on, they are definitely worth it!
Never heard, i give it a try
No just no
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