SLAC prob

Cant launch SLAC..


image: slac

image: pingouine2010010101
C'est quoi ton theme? Tu peux me donné un lien avec tout?
rocketdock + rainmeter + few tweaks
obviously... slac isnt a proper anticheat anymore

E: was it in any time? :o
did u start as admin
maybe due to your antivir?!
nice desktop
whats the thing called on the left where it shows all the new crossfire news ect...?

edit: also link me to that icon pack! :D
reader, part of enigma, rainmeter
easy one

add the file ET.slmod in ur AV exceptions, ur AV is blocking that file so it cant get replaced/updated, therefore SLAC cant start.
wild guess, AVG? just showing off ur desktop g3g3
alien language
Whoah, ugly whore. Not telling you teh solution
AVG is shit, it has serious problems with slac. recommended : uninstall AVG, install Avira.
Ouais super le theme du desktop, c'est quoi ?
rocketdock + rainmeter + few tweaks
I got also rocket dock but not the same, can u share the link ^^
i photoshoped the icons, i made them
don't put slac in your ET folder and run slac update it... and turn it back :)
crossfire news, crossfire movies at ur desktop. lold
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