Pain of Salvation @ Oslo

So there's a lot of shit music journals around, let's have a real one.

On sunday I was at a concert, SwedenPain of Salvation live at John Dee in NorwayOslo. Around 400 peeps, kinda intimate, and this was by far the most amazing stuff I've ever heard.

I'm quite a PoS fan, but I was sceptical before I went.. A bit strange music, can this work live? And, can that singer dude(SwedenDaniel Gildenlöw) really sing as well as he does on the albums (you have to hear it, it's freakin' amazing)?
Yes he could. I would seriously consider chopping off my penis if it enabled me to sing like that.
Mind = blown.

Some vids:
How technically awesome the vocals are:

Awesome songs:
Beyond the Pale:




And lots more!

lol, you're a fanboy and you didn't know he is absolutely amazing live?
Well I kinda knew, but I couldn't believe my own ears tbh (yes, I've heard 12:05 and seen the BE dvd).
Don't get me wrong, I'm like the biggest fan of PoS and it's my favourite band ever, so for me it's just obvious that Daniel is a prodigy :D
I know, I know, I know, he IS a fucking genious, but I've been disappointed by vocalists live too many times. After all, the vocals on 12:05 IS too awesome for words.

Oh, and good to know I'm not alone on this shitmusic-infested site!
hardly, I'm so into this kind of music, have you watched Second death of pain of salvation? I've got it on dvd
kut muziek
BeNeLuxers got no sense of music!
this music makes me wanne kill myself
Then please do so. Go Darwin!
ive got too much to live for
Guys... Check out the Glitch Mob, it's the shit!
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