RTCW spam

it's been a while since I wanted to upload this shit, but well, it shows how rtcw could be very very spammy, even worse than et ...
made during the last rtcw nations cup (2006)

Germany : wEAK - qraigu - bavaria - sPx ?! - Stylor - pSy
France : maxuh - mote - fro$t - brako - momo - fra


regular spam
its all about spam : )
It's a known fact, only idiots who never have played rtcw will tell this, and all because of landmines and rnade.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-D
that's pretty much what I wanted to point out, yes
Captain obvious journal then :)
many people don't think the way you do.... :(! and there's a subliminal message as well : german rtcwplayers are fucking spammers, period.
ET would be worse without the cfg restrictions.
I've never really played rtcw at all but I could imagine a game where engis have 8 nades each, soldiers are a commonly played class (also having 8 nades) and the panzerfaust has a huge splash radius that tactics would revolve more around spam than ET.

Having played ET first, and seeing those differences is what prompted me to not bother playing RTCW at all.
Your charge bar refills after selfkill and LT(fop) can throw airstrikes with half of it. There's also no restriction of how many strikes/arties a team can set in some time period, basically you can play 6 lts on some defenses and spam non stop some place.
you got own3d !
hf with full!
beach is retarted on rtcw
looks like 40-man public
Standard beach.

Village clips just show you being a noob
I didn't mention it was one of the worst games in my life, but I still love you sam
play the maps in et and u will see there will be more spam
are u fucking serious?
wasnt there a nc a few months ago?
yep that's right, I completely forgot about that one ;s
ye, the final was uk vs nl or something :}
What's next? Bottlenecks in Counterstrike :D?
l allies qui a l'obj sur beach dans les escaliers, qui te mets la nade dans la bouche haha
afaik et only got the rumour for being spammy when it had all the promotions, although mines are annoying just cos you can't see them like other spam weapons.
well if you compare the quantity of spam then rtcw has more, no doubt about that (more nades, less recharge time). then again mines/rnades are way more annoying.
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