gaming laptop

hey cf,

since i'll sell my desktop,

i'm willing to buy a laptop wich can handle decently gaming.

as you understand, i want to play and do other office stuff.

i'm playing : starcraft 2, enemy territory, cod4 & i'll buy the last cod(7?)

i want to play : future fps like brink and maybe few other one(right name?) future str (like sc3/4) and also racing thing.

with that laptop, i want a VGA or DVI slot (then i can put my monitor (22 or 24")

i want windows 7, 64bits (with 4GO RAM)

i don't care about the HDD's size.

i want the optimal quality/price.

the monitor should be atleast 15".

i want to buy it in belgium or in other country but with cheap shipping.

EDIT : i got arround 850 euros.

thanks to help me.
There is no such thing as a gaming laptop. Get a proper PC.
maybe but i want atleast a decent laptop.

you know tech goes pretty well at the end of 2k10 :P
have you not heard of the MSI Gaming Laptop!?! :D
Gay Ming laptop maybe, made entirely out of glittery Ming-dynasty vases!
QuoteEDIT : i got arround 850 euros.

Thats more than enought for decent PC
i want a laptop, then i can move with it everywhere :]
fuck laptop, get a car
850Euro and a reliable gaming compatible laptop? Forget about it.
Another thousand and we can talk about "decent" gaming laptops again.
PS: Don't spend money on PB or HP wannabe gaming laptops for around 500 to 600euros,
you can't even play COD 4 properly on them.
850e for gaming laptop?:D are u kidding me?:D

u can get decent one from 1200e :) ( alienwear m15x )
sry can't get more than 900 :<

Difficile de trouver un pc portable pour le jeux à ce prix là.
merci pour le premier comment useful!

il n'y a pas mieux en rapport qualités/prix?
newest MSi laptop, if not u should look for some of the ASUS products
also AlienWare is worth to check
u won't get a "gaming laptop" for 850€. just look on the msi, asus or alienware pages, there is no laptop for less than 1200€...
keep ur pc and buy a netbook/normal notebook for mobility
There is no such thing as a gaming laptop
Instead of telling the guy, that there is no such thing as a laptop. It might become handy to give him some links of other "decent" laptops, who could handle some of the games.
i agree, thx for the second useful comment!
sell desktop
buy laptop

wtfff ??
macbook air
I'm pleased to announce that Samsung is the company you're looking for.

Bought the Samsung R780 for 950 2months ago and runs all the games you listed (black ops at about 60FPS on high quality)

Dunno if the prices dropped, but the R780 is 17 inch, so if you want to cut the price, look for the R580 or the RF 5 series. That should give the performance needed for a good price :)
ok, thanks for your answer man!

is this laptop coming with all drivers and the dvd with windows 7? if you should do it yourself, how to do a copy of your os?

it also says that the graphic card is external. wat's the meaning of it?
I had the option to install it all myself or let them do it. You can download all drivers and software from the site, I believe you get a CD if you install it yourself.

It means that's it a dedicated videocard. It has it's own set of memory and processors, just like graphics cards for desktops.

It will be inside your laptop don't worry.

Oh and they also got very good cooling in my experience, 45°C under load! that's awesome for a laptop =)
ok but wat about msi laptop? they seems to be better for gaming?!? did you try one?

maybe i'll try to put more money for my laptop i mean i'll go for 950/1000
Could you give me a link?

the only bad thing is : someone said that it got huge degree arround 70°C.

otherwise there is one like this : dunno about this one

about 4000 €

I ordered one :)
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