Oveclocking Amd phenom x4 965BE question #2

Hello! I thank & praise those people who helped me overclock my processor :) As the topic say this is a second journal of my processor and I want to know how can I check my temperatures?

Yeah, I am sure that people will recommend me a applications such as AMD overdrive, Everest, Cpuid etc.. I have been trying to find solution for one week and still can't solve it. Whenever I open random application and want see cores temperatures it shows 0 degrees in every application. In case of emergency I can only see my cores temperatures via bios but it's not enough because I want run a game background and see my cores temperatures in stress.

Thank you !
Have you tried Speedfan?
have you tried http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ Core Temp ???
If the programs are not reading the BIOS correctly, have you tried updating the BIOS or resetting it properly using the jumpers? worth a try.
I don't have experience how to update bios and I don't want reset it due to warranty.
Okies, you might find that the motherboard doesn't support temperature readings outside of the BIOS its worth having a google. I know that some older NF7 types didnt. Have a look on the motherboard manufacturer's website for utilities for your board you might find they make one that should work.
shouldnt have overclocked
It was already broken before overclocking!
Yep,shouldn´t overclock this..
Now you can see how your CPU life time goes.
Windows 7 64-bits
I can see all temps?

I'm using EVEREST Ultimate Edition and Speedfan.
realtemp, coretemp, bios ..
Buy a nexus Computer Case with temprature check :D problem money?
update bios
So you overclocked your cpu without checking the temps in load :)

use coretemp / speccy

If you overclock a little bit it won´t break down my processor even I don´t check temperatures.
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