[LoL] Gangplank Guide

Hi cf LoL players =D, here my guide to play da image: 41 critmaster easily =D

Runes and masteries

Go for 21/0/9 and crit damages runes + HP
For summoners spells exhaust/ignite and clarity are good.

Item build

Start with image: 1051 and 2 image: 2003

1st back : Finish image: 3093 and take image: 3006 or image: 3009 or image: 3111 depending of the enemy team.

Then go for image: 3031 starting by image: 1038 if enough money or image: 1018 if not.
Then finish image: 3142.
You must rolling hard atm, go for image: 3046 for more rolling =D.
Then if game not over finish it with 2 image: 3072 or one image: 3072 and one image: 3022

Early game

Thats easy, harrass the enemy with parrleys and use remove scurvy when stunned/caged or whatever that makes you angry. Try to be on the tank lane or heal lane (taric + gp is awesome). At lvl 6, roll the weakest oppo with ulti and make your first back.

Mid Game

You should be arround 50% crit chance and take more than the half of the health of the other dps in one parrleys, stay close to the tank in teamfights or gank alone weak guys. Go for blue and red buffs as soon as possible.

End Game

You should be 90% crit chance and like 1200 per crit parrley. Engage teamfight by parley on the enemy tank, just back, then ulti + jump on the other dps, make him cry in 3 seconds max, and finish the work.
With your damages and lifesteal enemies should back as soon as they see you coming with your big gun =D.

Thx 4 readin'
Add me on LoL for epic wins (={D) and stuff.
put it on mobafire to see what people think about it.
I have never played him before so can't judge.
id rather pvp in WoW
MMORPG terminology adds a whole new level to nerding.
I'm glad to see you've noticed it.
gangplank is useless in ranked game
Actually not, seen one in high elo and he was pretty much pwning the enemy team, without IE he critted for 500+
what does pvp mean
tell me your average and max damage on normal games ;-) need to compare
with gp it's like 100k on 35 min or 300k for 1h+
shit item build! l2p
get 5x image: 3093 and boots then exchange all of them for the other items!
Yeah this stuff is good when you dont make any kills. =)
Just buy IE and Trinity Force and you crit like hell, had crits of 1,3k when fully fed.
yeah thats the second item i buy, look closer
I still dont see TriForce
ET > LoL
rofl, thats shit build
YouTube it! might do another guide soon for the trex!
Yeah i will do it for another imba here like heimer with new UP or smthing
Add me on Lol pls =D
Add me! :P Wakizashiuk
after your tf tutorial I tried to play him and got flamed by my team :XD
low guide low champ
Low champ is low.
do u also play lol? gimme your acc name!
:l xf is full of LoL bobs.
get lvl 30 and play ranked fag
considering the fact that i got a lvl 30 on EU and US your insult is invalid.

also soloqueue ranked is worse than normal.
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