what do you do?

morning ladies and gents

i made this journal a long time ago but the community has evolved since!

i know a lot of gamers are students, but what are you studying?

i know a lot of you work, but what work do you do?

i know a lot of you are bums and aren't studying or working, but what are you doing other than gaming (not a dig, i'm actually curious)?

i'm currently studying psychology, and working towards a clinical psychology doctorate for anyone who's curious!

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still going to school, last grade :o)
"i'm currently studying psychology, and working towards becomming a photocopy guy for anyone who's curious!"
i'm already a photocopy guy, i can only go up from here!
Work, selling old army-stuff at http://www.sa-kauppa.fi/portal/

Been there for few weeks, contract is till september.
"i'm currently studying psychology, and working towards becomming a office bitch for anyone who's curious!"
i'm already an office bitch, i can only go up from here!
carmechanic for electronic and telecommunicationsystems for BMW
Finnish defence forces 2011-2012
Practicing in army so I could become better in ET, hopefully
At the moment im doing an intership at a Basketball Bundesligaclub in the Marketingsection for 3 month. Right after that i am going to study Business Management and later i will go to the Sports/Management/Marketing direction ! :)

In my freetime i am playing football, meeting friends, djing from time to time on smaller Parties or at home, working sometimes in our own Sportsbar and last but not least i really love to photoshop !


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ya, sorted it
I am studying Geography B.Sc. and currently looking for a job for during holidays.
I'm also studying geography, do you mind telling me what you exactly study in geo ? Like what courses you have, what masters your school offers, I'm just interested !
My courses this (1st) semester are statistics, population geography, cartography, geomorphology and introduction to geography
Great, I've had those courses aswell, statistics are just a pain in the ass (shit teacher) but cartography is really nice, especially the history of the cartography, you learn many things :) Good good
Hv a good teacher in statistics, still shit :)
Haha :D Is that your first year ?
Yer, hope not the last..
Working in onling gambling, no recession here. Fuckin mental busy
Master of Science: Management of small and medium sized companies.
Should be finished summer 2012.
what was ur topic in your magisterexam ?
Marketing: The importance of seasonal offers for customer loyalty of variety seeker
Oh nice! You gotta send me that, since im interested in every kind of marketing

Der kurze Text fasst das ganze Thema relativ gut zusammen. Hab ihn leider erst ziemlich spät entdeckt :->
Studying menagement of quality and enviroment... pretty cool stuff, about ISO and co...

If i wont fail, as i once did, gonna finish in next year... prolly gonna do master degree, maybe doctor... all depends on my parents atm, as both of them lost job recently...

Ow and lookin for some part time job :]
professional gamer
I'm a student.

- Finished my 3 semester Bachelor degree (we do not call it Bachelor at Portugal, anymore..).
--Installation and maintenance of Networks and Computer systems.

- Currently at last year of Licentiate degree (6 semester), but i'm not gonna finish this year because i didn't signup at all classes.
--Networks of communication and telecommunications

So in 2 years i might be working somewhere and studying 2 days per week at a Master degree about:
--Engineer of Networks and Communication Services
--Informatics Engineer

I'm 22 and i've never worked before (except 3 years ago, i worked 6 months at a Private Hospital at IT team, i had to because the Bachelor degree had a class like this).

edit: and the worst about this: i could be payed 880€ with bachelor... around 1200€ with licentiate if i kept working at the Hospital... with a fucking licentiate degree... while at some other country i could get more than 1800€ / month with just Bachelor :D
<3 Portugal
Studying industrial engineering with my master in CAD/CAM.
Thinking about getting a master in management too.
Finnish defence forces aka kindergarten since 12/7/2010 :P
I consider myself bum although I play poker for a living
I'm heating chairs at school :P. Hope next year I'll heat chairs at university :D.
whatcha planning to study?
maybe physic, math or moviemaking (but that's bit unreal :D)
sellin rocks on the corner
its slangin rocks !

This is me at work

image: 516882404_079a7281a6
when did you get the tats?
They're transfers.
you ain't travis barker
studying my last year at @ housebuilding school
studying economy

besides that having fun and enjoying life :D

e: Yes, I'm a Croatian student. And I'm mostly broke, hungry, tired or horny. But I'm happy!!! :)
Currently on a semester off, I was going to college for BioMedical Engineering, I may be changing to Electrical Engineering, I'm not sure. Right now I'm work random low job just so I have some money :S
trying to get public administration bachelor..

gonna pause and go to army this year most likely
Wait, does that mean we'll get rid of you ? HOORAY
hi im c and im a bum! in my spare time i write lyrics and produce music, i also make movie scripts and play et i like to work-out 2x a day, my ex called me crazy that i will get a heart attack and stuff like that, but thats why shes my ex.. im also trolling cf/mirc i quited drugs and smokes

need money, pmme for more info
apart from nerding around, i read a lot of books, do a lot of drugs, watch football, and nothing else.
what d'you read?
how to get stoned from a banana
fiction, philosophy,... lots of different stuff actually
kant, nietzsche perhaps? heidegger?:D
only nietzsche of foreign authors, and crowley (not the most philosophical of philosophers, but still, there's some philosophy in his works), otherwise i've mostly been reading stuff from slovenian authors
I sometimes feel it would be better to just grab a book than mindlessly surf around the internet.. When theres nothing better to do.
internet is boring anway, books keep your mind entertained : )
Im studying A-Level P.E BTEC Level 3 And OCR National ICT Level 3 in Sixth form
A level? how old r u
18. Maybe a/s levels I dont know proper name. Im in second year of sixth form:)
Chemical engineering and processing at Technological University
dude ur aim is awesome
dont laugh at me ;<
training/studying in the army to become a sergeant!
easy moneyz
only thing I do is gaming
no time for realtionships, play hard go pro

occasionally i just buy slovenian teen male whores to satisfy me
il do u for 450euros + road expensis
why slovenian?
oh, now I can see it..
you can do me for free m8 :)
IT system engineer
mom stop lying, ur in the kitchen
Was 2 and a half year in the army, now doing nothing and getting fat.
Studying child care + later to become a kindergarten teacher.

Though Id like to be a leader of a Pokemon gym :<
child abuser.
Nigga, I havent heard that one before!
I bet, you should just let those little boys out of your basement already!
hmm.. I imagine your day like playing all day long and meeting some hot milfs from time to time
Currently making my A-Grades and then going to study Psychology and Epileptology.
i study business informatics and work part time as an accountant (10h/week)
I study forestry then plannin to go to Netherlands (since i got family there and stuff) for my master/doctorate. Other than that i have no idea what im gonna do.

inb4 treehugger or learn to cut gyros
Everyone studying IT or business & marketing :D
i work as a Pro Gamer
Gonna start @ university next year, planning to take bachelor in Biology
going to be a instructor for police, firemans, security, army boys, etc..

now working as an fitness instructor, lifeguard (only @summer), some model work

dream, my own gym :d
what kind of model work ?
fashion, catwalk/foto
interessant, hoe komt dat zo/
ben je gescout of heb je piccas opgestuurd ofzo
Working for an environmentally conscious graphic design/print company -> function: Head Social Media.

Planning to start school again in about 6 months, cuz i dropped out of school early. Would love to pick it up again now that i got my priorities straight :> not quite 100% sure yet what i'm going to study though, has to be something with computers tho! How else am I going to survive..? :D
Studying History and English Studies/English language and literature. First semester.
After reading your posts I feel sorry for your students, since your view on history is fucked up.
Communist occupant living in Estonia mad much?

I'm not even going to be a teacher btw.
So every asian/muslim/nigger living in Europe is an occupant? I'm ok with this.
I'm growing tired of justifying myself since you basically won't understand it anyway.

They're of course not occupants by choice but they're still foreign and don't belong here. Repatriation is the right answer.
Implying my grandfather wasn't sent here by the army. Implying I wasn't born here and lived here all my life.
Implying your grandfather wasn't part of an occupying force but some kind of "liberator".
Implying you're not an adherent of communism propagating his proudness in an ideology which cost thousands of Estonian lives.
Implying you share anything at all with the Estonians around you.
Your worldview is prolly way more fucked up. You still think that Russia didnt evade us but "free-ed" us
joss stone!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBH8o8XXnVM my favourite :)

studying basics of electronics and math for my 2 exams this week
otherwise I'm attending faculty of mechanical engineering
good luck! :)
Studying motor vehicle mechanics, first year. Probably going into an apprenticeship from the 2nd year or stay on and cover electrics/diagnostics, though could do that in a work place.

Was offered a placement at an MOT station LoL but said no.
bachelor of communications and computer technologies

I wonder why :)
I do not wonder, I know
last year at school,
exams coming up in spring.

After that going to study law (most probably)
If UT, than you wont get in prolly. And others arent even worth it. And paying 3000 € per year isnt worth it either
eksamid on lebo :P
edu sulle pingereas :D Kõik eksamid sinna 91p kanti peavad sul olema.
92 vist jep :)
Aitäh :)
eie, enam pole lävendit. Nüüd on pingerida. Ja sealt saab 80 midagi sisse. Ja need vennad on eriti vinged seal
Studying music, worked at ASDA, and was a despatch operation charge hand at a food production factory, currently unemployed as my contract ended on both jobs, but searching fiercly for a job. Got an interview for a job as a chef in a restaurant in a few days, and also as a bar tender in a night club in Edinburgh.
Studying Journalism. Just had my last exams and coming monday I'm going for a 4 month internship. The company is more communication related then journalism or media, but oh well.

Hoping to get a job next year as webjournalist, contentmanager, editorial assistant or something the like.
I'm still on highschool and I work in a car-shop.
Some weekends I drum to get some free extra moneyzzz
Study history, almost finished but got set back due to surgery and Thyroid probs. Looking for a job aswell ;)
Woot, woot, didn't know you're studying History. :D
i mooch of my parents for a living :)

hope i'll graduate(as a safety expert) within now and 6 years otherwise i'll have to pay back moniez :p

e: i also work as a delivery guy for a baby-furniture company, i like it cuz i don't have a boss bossing me around :D + i can smoke weed in my truck
studying finance, computer science was too boring for me
Being the laziest person I know, I'd say I'm pretty fucked with school but life's good.
- lots of engineers, marketing/business/economy guys and ITs here

Finland fintards doing army and trolling :P

as for me Im doing my bachelor in Commercial and Business Law (4th semestre)
Material Sciences B.Sc.
bachelor of international logistics and international business on the side - nothing _too_ interesting but planning to use it to see the world xD
Bachelor in Business. Incoming worst months of my entire life soon with more coursework and final exams. Graduating this year. Although the projects im doing are intersting.

Im doing a marketing campaign for the biggest Watersports centre in the South. First meeting with the marketing director next week.

Have to design and market a new soft drink aswell.

Then do some essays for other modules.

Unemployed, just being a student atm. Although doing a marketing campaign for a company they should actualy employ me, but its not paid.

Make more than part time salary through share trading while ive been at university. Hopefully will make a full time salary through share trading in a few years time when economy starts recovering.

This all sounds more exciting that it realy is btw.

Then try and find a job when i graduate, il most likely have to start under £20,000 or so cause i dont have any credible office experience etc. just worked at a theme park which realy means fuck all when applying for an office job.

Then maybe do a masters in marketing within the next few years.
Any advice/links for a beginner starting share trading? Do you mind telling me your story/journey? I don't know where the hell to start but I want to!

That's true about office jobs, they all want experience even though you have the skills :/ I'm considering voluntary work just so I can put something on my CV.
i did reply and i deleted it, realised i dont want to share my story over here.

i dont actively share trade though, it requires alot of reading, time and effort to be constnatly up to date of real time info etc. im trading because of the recession, lowest prices and when economy recovers = $$$.
basics of it. Some trading when prices go up and i sell when prices go down etc. Its knowing at what price it goes down and when its going to go back up again. Im no expert u never always get it right.

Read investors chronicles £3.50 per magazine per week. The economist which is also £3.50 per magazine per week. Plus read the financial times every day which is £1.50.
But thats £15 a week every week although the information is invaluable for active share trading. But still i advise u not to actively share trade, its very hard.
My family are all professional business people. There always buying the FT,the economist, investors chronicles , the guardian, the times everyday, every week. I only buy and sell when im at home. I dont do it while at university.
I dont realy want to get into active independant share trading to much, alot of work and doing it independantly means u have no company resources and fellow employees to talk about it with and give advice. your own your own.

you can set up a trading account online with your banks website, you can with most banks. just google into it more. So hard to tell u all about share trading on here. u need to read all about it.

Accounting lecturer sais if you come into some money from relatives put it into an ISA and save it. Bollocks to that

I made more money in a few months over the summer than i would have had i put the money into an ISA for 5 years.

Its knowing what share to invest in and when to invest in it and waiting. Thats the key for using share trading as an investment over time.
Ok, thanks for the reply. I don't want to do this full time, just a bit on the side. If you saved your story, do you mind PMing me? It sounds interesting.

If you don't mind answering, how much have you invested and what was the return?
I'm halfway through my masters degree of computer engineering, and I'm also currently working part-time for Texas Instruments.
styding maths with the main field statistics and atm working for REWE
into the last semester for bachelor in communication science

might go work a bit after that for a public affairs agency or a cool company... after that do a master in something somewhere on this planet
im not telling otherwise u all gna be jealous
about Belgium Sup3R
you forgot to mention u went 3 days to army then quit, then made gaming carreer, and whilst gaming u went to school in brussels, but then u quit to go to school in louvain, and now u quit again and now u take year off but u will go to army, and if they do not want u, u will go to voorbereidend jaar, but probably u will quit again to game hard xxx
whahah what a nerd !!!
Business Infotechnology and I have never worked, cause 'lol work'
I study medicine and work as a nurse in a nursing home.
Studying Civil Engineering + working part-time at being cute!
apart from nerding around, i read a lot of books, do a lot of drugs, watch basketball, and nothing else.
what do you read?
sci-fi/conspiracy theory/thriller style of books, i read them to relax (make a movie in my head).

and sometimes some books about life.
any recommendations?
Dan Brown - Deception Point
Mechanical Engineer/Electronics Engineer/Electrical Engineer/Software Engineer/Field Technician/Party Chief/Surveyor/ROV Pilot/Professional Sea-dog.
Studying economics @ uni.

Drink a lot. A lot :D. And seems i have more money @ uni than I had before :D:D
QuoteAnd seems i have more money @ uni than I had before.

Somehow that doesn't compute. :P
Well it's not technically studying, but I wait around schools a lot.
Wow i'm surprised that i read by a lot of u the word "study" and even "books".

unespected between the thousands of flaming and trolling Journals :D

Congrats, thats the real way to become high skilled! ;)
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