Sweden and hate speech


Basically, freedom of speech died in Sweden. You get sent to jail for hate speech...unless your targeting white Swedish men.

Swedish gamers, fight this injustice bros.

All other white bros, prepare yourselves for the day your countries try to pull something similar.
That article was posted there 2003 ;)

But well yeah, the Swedish judicial system sucks.
banana crazy
2004 ...
not true -_-
Get out of your cave.
says the ignorant racist lol :P
You know nothing about me.
Maybe you should open your eyes and mind.
open my eyes and mind to what?

You think we should all join the white power movement to combat the evil immigrants?
I won't argue with you since you've always shown me that you don't want to understand anything anyway. I cba wasting my time anymore.
im serious, what do you think needs to be done

do you actually think whites are being target by immigrants etc?

do you prefer if we kick all non europeans out of europe?

i dont think it would solve anything

That's not even close to the topic at hand.
That's basically true for all Western countries nowadays.
stopped reading after "social democracy (left-liberalism)".
we have NF light in our govt, what are you talking about
LoL your from Belgium, dont you have more important things to think and read of? Like your trash dump to country for example. :)
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