Francis not only active in ET community

Well we all have seen our dear friend FranceLeFrancis attempts to bring back 6on6.

I was just on youtube and i found this vid which made me realize that Francis is more than just active in the ET community.

He is involved in World of Warcraft and Star trek online too! And as he've started to make videos for it i believe his effort there is even greater.

discussion is now open.
not old
faggot hehe
i have to agree with him, icc was one hell of a disappointment
older than youtube.
lolled at "it's tooo haard" :DDDDDDDD

but then I really needed to shut this vid down >< what a guy ffs
2/10, you got a few responses
he mad.

e: really mad
he is too fat to speak, sorry
You shouldn't make fun of fat guys...
Where is his mustache? :{(
Where is his mustache? :{(
he can't :(
this is troll? this is not real francis right? :)
real LeFrancis dont have money forr a webcam :{D
it's him, sadly.
you are backstabing, sadly.
older than me
OFC LeFrancis hates ICC, ULDUAR > all
did he put his magiccards around that porncalendar ?
bad troll, Francis has a mustache!
he sizzles
i like when he says that he could kill somebody, but the fact is that he cant get out of his chair nor is the sunshine his friend. So I feel quite safe.
bad sad bad troll
Fuck off.
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