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nice winning percentage
Should we listen to a guy that is ranked 2103th out of 2523 ??
idd he tried to troll

but i got him:

he was like "omg how its possible"

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genius. pls give me a profile hit.
however he didn't bet on pl ...
you forgot to highlight the section where he talks about the amount one should bet and 6€ are perfectly conclusive with what money he had
The chapter #2 will focus on metagame and psychology.
Results oriented thinking, in other words looking at what happened in hindsight and using that knowledge to point out nonexistant flaws in the original decision, is a very common mistake that even experienced gamblers occasionally fail to recognise.
If you did indeed have a more accurate estimate on the outcome of the match, you should've written it before the game.
The mathematics part of my post (which explains the 6€ bet) isn't really open for debate, the only subjective part there is my estimation of United Kingdom's winning probability. What did you assume it to be prior to the game?

Quiz: I just won money in poker. Does that mean I played well?
it means u were lucky, or the other players were unlucky
ur cool man! you lost 6 euros did you know that?
i dont see the funnies
me neither
Isn't that just exactly how betting works? With around 60% chance of win you still have a high chance of losing, too.
This journal made my fucking week !
This journal made my fucking week !
dont be mad:-( I didnt mean it:-p
i know :XD just followed the trollflame
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