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Dont wanna create panic, but if its raining today anyway near you guys, pls dont go out and close all your windows ;>
The fuck
Dont wanna hurt you, but you are an idiot
Yeah Mr Caesium and Mr radioactive Iodine say same about you
no inet in that , gtfo
does media in every eu country waste our time for saying the same shit about 1/9999999999999 of nuclear cloud above europe ?
Quote wikipedia " along with its mode of beta decay, makes iodine-131 one of the most carcinogenic nuclear fission products."
This is coming down guys .....
one guy at work actually came up with a "geigerzähler" ( > tool to measure radioactivity) and told us that we should us umbrellas cause the radiactivity is way to high. we all had a good laugh ^^
and he'll laugh when you all die of cancer :):):)
ofc..since like 2 times the normal level will melt u away instantly
Tomorrow you'll be nothing but a pile of goo :):):)
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