Off to India.

So I'm going to India India tomorrow with college/uni for 3 weeks! Doing a weeks trek around the Himalayas where we will camp obviosuly. Then for the 2nd week I'll be doing project work, i.e. starting the foundations for a school, doing the pipelines n shit (fuck knows how thats gonna turn out), then for the remaining days we'll have will be used for rest and relaxation, visiting the Taj Mahal n stuffz, so if I die it was nice playing with u all!

see u there India Kamz m8 :)

image: himalayas
hf and
don't curry, be happy
Japan would be more interesting!
meet me and kamz there
nice, greet my cousin, what do you study?
doing a degree in public and community services which involved expedition skills and leadership etc.
nice, greet apu
hf and make sure u never go to kanpur ^^

oh and take a lot time / money for the taj mahal.. else u have to wait a lot or pay some kids to late u in faster ^^
if u had come 3 days before, u wud have seen how ppl were going mad seeing India winning cricket World Cup.

Welcoming u to India :)
Hf having a lan with IndiaKamz and IndiarAmbo :p
hf chris :)
have fun m8 <3 :)
Have Fun :{D
overrated country
overrated? :S
ye man, people always talk about going to india to find themselves and experience culture and shit

the place is wank
i guess u haven't been to India
he's indian...
they are called native-americans
as i wrote below, i lived there for a year when i was ~6 and i've been around 8 times since
The place isn't wank.

I've been there twice, once @ 15, and once when I was little.
If you experience even a fourth of the festivities that occur there you'll know why it's not overrated.

Go for Holi, Diwali, Uttarayan(me being guju), Rath Yatra, and a shit load more then you'll understand why people go there.
ye well i lived there for a year when i was ~6 and i've been around 8 times since so i've formed my own opinion

i'm curious, did you go to a westernised area of india or somewhere more traditional?
have been to almost every western/northern province i liked it very much (Punjab)
d'you see the wildlife in the northern regions? that's something i'd be happy to explore!

the closest i came to that was when we visited a temple up in the mountains...saw some jungle on the way up and baboons chased our car :D was too young to remember where it was exactly though
same happened to me was like 8 years bak :)
More westernized (Ahmedabad), but from there we went into some village, can't recall the name atm, and stayed there for 3 days.
Also been to Kerala once b/c of my dad's friend, was too little at the time to actually explore the area though.

Well I can't change your opinion on it, each man to his own I guess.
visit the elephantbaba
hf mate :)
going to miss you chris <3
hf there chris!
The Great Himalayan Trek, One of my friends clicked pics. hf
lol wtf india overrated? :O come to India we welcome all our guests like no one does . lol u missed most of the festives but anyways WELCOME to India <3 :D
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