Crossfire redirecting

Whenever I want to go I get directed to

What gives?
i can't replicate that behaviour here

try doing a trace route on and see what it resolves as
cf should end in .142 and the hm server in .139 if your dns cache is right
I have no idea how to do that.

Can you explain more?
[press] windows key + r
[type] cmd [enter]
[type] tracert [enter]
was same for me after CF crash, it's fixed for me now tho
so how did u get here then?
I googled and then

Didn't know over a week that crossfire is up :(
someone hacked ur crossfire account.
lol had the same problem

20:43 Goku • `4drenalin3
20:43 Goku • ?
20:44 `4drenalin3 • Sup?
20:44 Goku • Waarom wordt ik gedirected naar
20:44 Goku •
20:44 Goku • als ik daarop click
20:44 `4drenalin3 • Chrome?
20:44 Goku • ja, google chrome
20:45 `4drenalin3 • Moet je ff je cache wissen bij geavanceerde opties -> browsegegevens wissen
20:46 Goku • aight, effe doen
20:47 Goku • werkt
20:47 Goku • cheers :)
20:47 `4drenalin3 • Np's ;)
I got chrome, can you translate so I can fix it?
Options > Advanced Options tab > Delete navigation data
These are not the correct translations, but you should be able to find it. :)
i e for zhe win, chrome users die!
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