Computer Science students

Hello CF,

Are there any other computer science students out there who wouldn't mind having a skim read through my final report/dissertation to make sure it makes atleast some sense.

Its about 40 pages so I don't expect you to read every paragraph and word, I just want to know if it makes sense to someone who doesn't know what i've been doing.

I don't mind doing the same in return of course.

Please PM me here.


- Josh
I did Computer Science and I'll have no idea what you're doing :D
Send me it @ Facebook, might have a chance to look at it tonight.
I stopped after1 year even though I got very good grades but it was too boring ;P you could send me a pm!
good luck =)
depends on subject of ur work, programming/algoritmisation is ok for me, but I am not rly into networking/system administration
Ray Tracing using GPU hardware
will take a look at it, eventhought graphics is not rly my cup of tea (the "best" and only I made from graphics was realtime fish-eye effect on 2D images using OpenGL in Java), my actual focus is on web technologies (mostly in free time) and synchronization/paralelism in real world systems on high level of abstraction and its implementation to object oriented languages with automatisation of code building
I've just started today with the course Computer Graphics. I'm still freshman though, so doubt I can help you ;)
I cannot help but gl
I really would like to help you but I don't want to read anything about Ray Tracing atm, sorry
Don't really know much about GPU stuff I must say! Otherwise wouldn't of minded. Just finished mine lawl.
can read yours if u want ;-) doesn't matter bout the GPU stuff as long as you're in the computer science field itsok
Too late for me to make any changes, thanks though. I'm more than happy to take a quick look if you've uploaded it somewhere, I don't really have the time to read through the whole thing but might be able to offer advice on headings etc... Up to you!
what is the topic?
Not cs myself but happy to give it a read from a general 'does this read ok' point of view. Link it if you've uploaded.
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