Wikileaks and UFO

Wikileaks is going to disclose the UFO secret recordings, including live "Alien" from Zeta Reticuli, who survived the crash in Roswell. 21 hours of secret recordings in the seven rolls of film were made in the years 1942-1969. They contain a UFO flying, rescue wrecked ships and research on alien life forms. So far revealed only fragments of roll no. 5:

and short fragments of the rollers 1, 3 and 4:

How do you think, this is fake or true?:O

fake ofc
does this look like any other hollywood alien?
is it a fake?

2 questions with the same answer.
no to both then
How do you think
photo its you, alien from those videos. always knew
did not click on stupidity
"fake! how did he get his pullover over his giant head"

kinda lold
must be smtn out there
skinny bob?
Nice to know we had 1080p before the 50's.
don t tell me u did not knew that they actually have the technology to make old black and white movies into technicolor,or the old technicolor movies into hd movies?
You mean add extra pixels to the side of the other pixels to make it look like HD. Just like these so called 'up scaling' TV channels do....?
no.i m talking about old classics movie,released as color ones or even hd,depending on how old stan and bran series,casablanca,gone to the wind etc...movies from 40 s,50 s,60 s,70 s etc etc
Seems like back then, it was rly "shoot with camera"...that noise like a minigun.

And I bet, during that period, cameras werent that shitty.

So fake.

/Case closed
osranie w banie
znalazl sie ekspert.
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